How to Fix PS Vita Screen Scratches

I need to know how to fix PS Vita screen scratches If you're lucky, removing the screen protector that has scratches on it and putting a fresh one on is good enough

I don't have a screen protector on it If it is a really minor scratch, put a screen protector on it so you don't notice the scratch That would seem to make it more noticeable Only if the screen protector doubles as a magnifying lens And the anti-glare screen protectors really do hide the scratches well

I'd love to just fix it What else can I try? Since you didn't have a screen protector, try rubbing it with a microfiber cloth If you're lucky, it is only a hair or smudge If I was lucky, it wouldn't have gotten scratched up I've heard of people rubbing scratches on disks with bananas, toothpaste and so forth to remove scratches

But no one cares about throwing out a disk if it doesn't work It was a thought, but I understand the concern about the food residue or grit getting into the PS Vita and making things worse If grit gets into the LCD through the cracked screen, it won't work If the LCD itself is cracked, the LCD likely needs to be replaced How hard is that? You have to open the back of the PS Vita, remove all the cables and components to get to the LCD and replace it

And then hopefully put it all back together in a way that doesn't ruin it And just opening it voids the warranty If I had it under warranty, I'd have less issue about sending it in to get it fixed The wet apply screen covers in many cases actually fill in the scratch as well as cover the screen to protect it from other ones What do you think of using clear nail polish or acrylic to try to fill in the crack? That is about as bad as the stuff you said not to use to try to buff the crack, and it may degrade and damage internal components after it heats up as you play

Try car scratch removal if you're gentle and use very little I'm working with a touch screen That's about as good as petroleum jelly – hiding it for a while until it is wiped away and gets on my hands for days No, the clear coat scratch fill in stuff fills in minor scratches while doing a decent job of hiding them However, if the scratch goes down to the OLED, you have a problem

I don't understand why they make this so hard to actually fix I understand, but the front plastic cover is fused to the OLED, AKA the display, so you're having to take the whole unit apart and melt away the adhesive to get to it to get rid of it, well, the broken one Now I wish I had the PS Vita Slim where the display assembly is separate, so you could actually unscrew and swap out as long as you were careful with the ribbon cables Technically, a new gaming device is a solution – as long as you get a screen protector with it