My PlayStation Vita Won’t Turn On!

My PlayStation Vita won't turn on! So charge it I did try charging it, but it isn’t doing anything

Charge it, and when the blue light lights up, try turning it on I know it won’t come up if I try to turn it on before the battery is charged You could charge it fully, then let it dissipate, then recharge it, just to try to fully charge it and get juice in the circuits I’d rather soft reboot it instead of waiting that long to essentially hard reboot it Hold down the power button for thirty seconds to shut it off, wait a couple moments, then hold down the power button for five seconds to turn it back on

That’s how you soft reboot a PS Vita What if that doesn’t work? If you charge it and the lights say it is charged, and the screen is still dark, then the screen may be disconnected I have to take it in to have that looked at, because it isn’t like I’ve taken anything apart recently Normally, if it is fully charged, the initial settings screen should come up along with the blue light I’ve heard that if you put it in standby mode and turn it off, the power may not come on even when you hit the power button

I haven’t heard of that But the solution in that case is waiting a couple minutes, then trying to turn it on, because it can’t multi-task between standby and full on The hard part is that I can’t even get to that part The Vita is finicky about charging, and it won’t turn on if not charged I put that in the category of, of course

It doesn’t always charge when connected to a PC That’s even pointed out on the Sony website They suggest turning off the PC after plugging in the Vita to charge it without the computer taking up too much power or connecting it to the AC adapter I don’t charge through a computer, because the ports on the computer or competing things charging could be the cause Then the problem could be a bad AC adapter

Sony would love to sell me a replacement adapter They suggest that if the PS button doesn’t light up at all if connected to a working charging source If you were charging through a USB port, try connecting to a different USB port or another USB device altogether That only confirms that it is not that particular charging port If all the things you charge to don’t seem to charge the battery, the charging port on the Vita could be the problem

That requires calling tech support Unless the solution is cleaning the Vita port with a toothpick to clear out the lint It doesn’t get carried around in my pocket like my smart phone If the PS button light is flashing orange, then the battery is probably dead and failing to charge, so that needs to be replaced I’d like a cheaper solution

Make sure you put the charging cable in the right way, or try replacing the cable before you start replacing more expensive hardware Sure, like the Vita