PlayStation Vita Error NW-2304-9

I am getting PlayStation Vita Error NW-2304-9 That error usually comes with the error that you can't sign in

First make sure you aren't fat fingering your password I am not making a mistake with my password Check to see if you're making the mistake of trying to log in during a PSN maintenance window The website doesn't say that they are And if you got to the website, I'd say they are not suffering a denial of service attack that would prevent you from logging in

And I'm not trying to log in on Christmas morning when demand is insane One thing not to do in response to the error is a factory reset If you have a problem with your account, resetting the device means you can't get into it and reload your purchased content That's extreme anyway for an error that can be caused by a problem with my account What caused this if I didn't mess up my account? The problem became common after the 3

57 system update You can update the PS Vita by going to settings, start, system update, update by connecting to a PC After the update to 357, many people were able to connect after rebooting the device You do that by holding down the power button while you hope it turns off and works when it comes back up

Try logging into the Playstation network website to see if the problem is your account or the device If you cannot log in on the Vita but can the website, you know the problem is the Vita That means it has a major software glitch Or the buttons aren't working right when you enter your credentials But if you can't log in to the PSN site due to timeout errors or connection errors, reboot your router instead

I might as well refresh the PSN login page on my browser and try to update the Vita while I'm at it Check for an update to see if it says it has the latest firmware If so, reboot just in case the update messed up your connection I know it is a connection or communication error somewhere, since that's what the NW-24 error codes mean with Sony If you are trying to enter your credentials over a wi-fi connection, try sitting closer to the router and not having any source of interference near it

After all, if it loses a couple characters in the password, it won't recognize it That's not the cause, and I don't think the internet connection is it since I can access the internet via the PS Vita browser but not the Sony store If you can't connect via a PC login or PSN, then try entering safe mode and rebuilding the database That's very close to the factory reset you told me not to do You can also try deactivating the PSN account and restoring it to default settings

I'd rather talk to Sony tech support to make sure they didn't deactivate my account Just make sure the problem isn't due to your port blocking on the mobile network preventing you accessing the site before you say they've messed up your account on their servers