PS Vita 2017 Review

The PS Vita It's an interesting console

A portable console that is, but it's not like any console Continue to find out why! Okay, so the PS Vita is a very interesting console Um Killzone Mercenary is loading up wait Ok so um so it has the Welcome Park and the PS Store which you could buy games, Trophies which you can review trophies, Parental Controls which is

Parenting pretty much heh Calendar content manager settings and some media stuff on my iPod and folder music music near is like Streetpass if I do believe like I'm under the nintendo 3Ds photos It's good I'll show you a picture So this is a picture that I took um so yeah Yeah Message is um that's I guess its messages like it says friends um I don't have any friends But this is my pSN account Well this might not my account of course I'm this is my um username I just started so that's why I'm the one I guess um so this is it so you could friend me their Email well email videos you did get videos

I believe every computer wouldn't not um party is um I guess like have a group chat and death, so the web browser I'll show you that in a second, so this is Youtube So this is my obviously Accent I went to tree Don't forget to subscribe right um so yeah um Let's go see some videos okay, so this is one of my videos One of Combat 5 blackout, so let's go Load so yeah It's good it might be worse because it might look worse because of the camera, but it looks really good Yes, you look so right upside, but it actually looks like normal It's Blurry so yeah So this is untrue the goal in this warning This is rated t

I'm not I forgot to mention This is I'm A touch screen in the back touch screen Triggers D-Pad Your normal PS Vita button buttons front and back camera right up here your tool analog sticks I believe this is the first portable consoles to contain two analog sticks your home button and your select and start button So yet, so this is what it Graphically it looks really good I've been stunned about looking at these graphics It looks really good Some interesting Gameplay and on Charter Golden abyss It's a very impressive game

I must admit um touch that To show it uses the back touch screen see I'm touching the back right now well of the PS vita of course and Just see it works But also it can be able handle is Tilting it! Um it it can be able to so you could tilt it and be applied, so yeah So yeah, here's some footage See does use some like for swiping, but I'm fine with it okay So here's some more footage So you could tell it looks really good well very impressive Compared to the Nintendo 3DS So we're almost out of here Yes, see Nathan Drake says here's another cut-scene of the game Chase is getting chased now Here's some footage of Using this sniper and enjoy the Golden Abyss, so you can actually tilt it around like I said And you could also use a back touchpad to zoom it in! See yeah, exactly now We were using Killzone Mercenary warning contains seizures, okay, so Killzone Mercenary So here's a cutscene He's a but the cutscenes up like yeah, nothing to see yes, these are the graphics of the game so yeah It looks good I am very Surprised of the graphics of this game

I'm very proud to be this is my first video game for the PS vita Oh Yeah some enemies okay, so Yeah You can accuse triangle or whatever so yeah, nothing No comment This is a very well comment, but this is a very interesting game There's also these vanguard things so oh Yeah, let's just show they look like good freaking find one Let's just shoot it out see issues out a big explosion really cool See, okay, wait wait Here's another one

Here's one Here's one Boom see so yeah um I don't know if I mentioned all these applications I completely forgot Settings yeah, okay, so joy can just worth it Yeah, um if you you like have like a list of all the games you want so yeah So things I forgot to mention are In the PSN store, you can have um get PSP games and PS1 games if I do believe and also um There are mainly only a junior PPg's are coming out I believe so yeah doma cases subscribe to this channel Follow me on Instagram Like this video if interested if you liked it also comment What is the next video you would like to make and don't forgot forget to follow me I mean friend me on tSU I'll just step out so yeah good

Bye Bleep, so these are some pictures I took inside the PS vita interesting