Nvidia Shield Tablet 5.1 Android OTA Update

Hi everyone So the Nvidia Shield Tablet has received its version 3

0 upgrade which happens to roll in Android 51 We've been waiting for this for quite a while Now what Nvidia are saying here is they've improved the performance and responsiveness of the system They've enhanced security including adding Android work support, the quick setting menu and power management profiles have also been improved

They've also added a new feature with the display called global tone mapping Not too sure what this is actually going to be doing in practice but it does seem to give more life-like images There's also a new firmware update for the Nvidia Shield controller as well These fixes are available for wifi and Lte versions of the Nvidia Shield Tablet Now interestingly the system does seem to be much more responsive than it was before

Now this isn't uncommon with Android updates because obviously memory's going to be cleared out, cache is being cleared and so on, things will feel a little bit more responsive But what we're seeing here is Google Chrome does seem to be a lot more snappy than it used to be it was a laggy, laggy mess on the Nvidia Shield Tablet before It's feeling really good now Overall system performance feels pretty good and gameplay feels just as good as always

But it does feel to me like the system responsiveness is much, much better than it used to be Let me know in the comments how you're getting on