PlayStation 4 Pro Teardown Review!

In an effort to keep up with the amazing changes in game development, Sony has made the PS4 Pro Sony says it’s the perfect console to get the most out of your 4k tv or your PSVR headset

Well here at iFixit we like to judge things for ourselves and there’s only one way to do that, so Let’s tear it down The PS4 Pro is unsurprisingly much larger and heavier than Sony’s last version of the PS4, the Slim, but getting into it is very similar First out is the user replaceable hard drive that is held in place by a single standard Phillips 0 screw While Sony boasted about the PS4 pros support of SATA 3 the stock hard drive we received is labeled at 3 Gigabits a second which is actually SATA 2 speed We’ve found some online sources reporting that this drive is actually a 6 Gigabit a second drive but at 5400 RPM this platter drive will never reach Sata 3 speeds The first panel removed reveals nothing much but the power supply

This thing dishes out a whopping 289 Watts of power up from the 165 watts in the 2013 version Flipping the PS4 Pro Over we remove the second panel only to find a layer of shielding with a lot of screws holding it in place Underneath we find the motherboard On the board we see the 8 Core Jaguar x86-64 CPU which also includes the AMD Radeon GPU and on the other side of the board 8 GB of Samsung made GDDR5 Ram You can find a complete list of chips we identified at iFixit

com After removing the large heat pipe assembly we’re only left with the Optical Drive and Fan The Fan is rated for 21 amps at 12 volts or 252 watts explaining where some of the extra power supply power is going

Lastly the Optical drive come out featuring a lot of springs, a lens assembly on a track and some sweet gears I We’ve come to the end of our teardown and now we turn our thoughts towards repairability How did the PS4 Pro score? It got an 8 out 10 and here’s why * No adhesive makes disassembly and reassembly easy * The non-proprietary hard drive is simple to access and upgrade/replace—and doing so will not void your warranty * While you can freely clean the fan, removing it—and other components—requires lots of (warranty-voiding) disassembly

* Security screws and tamper-evident seals discourage users from disassembling and repairing their PS4 For the complete teardown, including tons of beautiful high quality images, head on over to ifixitcom Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all our latest teardown and repair videos You can follow us on twitter @ifixit and give us a like on Facebook at facebook