Console Xbox 360 250GB com Kinect 1 Controle 3 Jogos Microsoft

Hi, I'm Lu I'm here to help you make the best purchase

Let's see if this product is right for you? Look that! With the Xbox 360 you have fun going through different experiences and with a lot of image quality That's it! Whatever your style, with this console you can stop playing so much It has several themes: sport, running, action and adventure and more You know what I thought was cool? It's that you can still enjoy doing physical activities while playing, as the characters reproduce the movements of your body Run, jump, crouch and do what you need most to win a match and have a good laugh with the class

Not to mention that with the built-in Wi-Fi, it becomes easier to play with other people on the internet, which further increases the challenge Right there, huh? In addition, the HD has capacity for 250GB of internal memory to save your achievements This Xbox 360 console is a reason to make your day more fun Enjoy and get the Extended Warranty, which guarantees the repair or even the exchange of your product if it proves defective after the factory warranty period What's up? Hope this helps

So good buy!