PS4 Pro – Vale a Pena Comprar?

And then beauty gamer? Here is Mario and welcome to this video Personal in this video we will talk about the PS4 Pro all its specifications, settings, improvements and in the end whether it is worth buying one or not

Check out! So come on folks, the PS4 Pro is being marketed today between 1800 and 2200 not officially marketed by Sony, okay, this value is the value that is being sold through the importers people companies that bring the product to be marketed here So Sony has passed an expectation that in December 2017 will start to market officially here in Brazil ok Processor, its processor is the same architecture as the previous one, x86, and gave an improvement in speed of processing, okay, it's working now at 21 Ghz now Your video card, your video card is an AMD that have a processing power of 4

2 Teraflops, is up to a considerable amount Another important point is the memory, the memories have not changed much is the same thing 8GB DDR5 There was an improvement in the storage part the storage today is 1TB for your version that is the PS4 Slim, right, that was in 500 GB, so it improved a little then this is important The temperature of the device is still the same has not changed much of PS4 Slim pro PS4 Pro the two had no such difference in temperature change In terms of power consumption the PS4 Pro is consuming an additional 40% of the PS4 model Slim

On the input and output ports of the PS4 Pro device, they returned again a lot of information most important that I was able to get up, was that they came back with the cable exit that they had taken from the PS4 Slim, this is important, for Headset, hometheater that uses the optical cable né, I for example here I use the optical cable and for me could never have taken it from the PS4 Slim handset, I think you lose a little of the experience of what the handset can deliver, so this is good come back with the optical cable again on PS4 Pro, and that is now settled, at least for that model One important thing there that had an improvement, was in the wi-fi, in the wireless device of the device They now besides you can use wireless at 24 ghz as is the common that today everyone has, now also has the choice of frequency in 5 ghz This is good because if you happen to have many components that uses technology can be experiencing some kind of interference, because most devices use 2

4 ghz, so who knows if you switch to an output now, clear your modem, your router, have the technology have the option of 5 ghz, it would be cool you connect through the 5 ghz to leave this band free 24 band frequency environment that you are to other devices Maybe you can even improve the online gameplay right there, right? So I think it was an improvement, you do not gain in speed, but you do not have loss of data and conflict at the same frequency 24 and now you can use the of 5 ghz there A negative point of the device, so it is a big blunder from Sony, it developed a 4K device only that your reader, your media reader does not accept 4K

So you, it's a blu-ray player, you can watch blu-ray dvds But if this DVD is a 4K DVD, you will not be able to consume the resolution 4K That was a big fuck from Sony, because she developed a 4K device and did not a 4K drive to run She claims that nowadays nobody else has dvd, nobody else uses dvd, no No one else has much physical media nowadays, nobody uses them, nobody buys one blu-ray, everyone goes on Netflix, Amazon Play, Youtube watch videos and end up not consuming physical media

I disagree this because so, there are many people who like to have videos, for example as we have our games dvds, our game blu-rays understood Sometimes the guy has a video library at home, keeps the videos until the future to have a video library of videos, we do this with games why a person will not do this with video, right? So I think it was a screw up there, everything was already round in the device everything perfect I was already running 4K, why did not I put a 4K media player there, a reader of blu-ray 4K So that was a blunder that Sony gave there that I believe that I hope the competitor does not make the same mistake, okay? Well, then with all these techniques, all these technical data that I passed to you here, then what he is It is a device that runs at 4K, so you will get a resolution at 4K so 4K is four times more than a full HD that we use today, right now in day we are accustomed to play then more are four times more, is, with four times more pixel points on the screen, this brings much more resolution for us, a quality image Another cool thing that the device is bringing is HDR technology right now, the HDR after you can search a little more on Google and such, is, what it delivers, it will deliver colors, more palettes of colors, you will have a more alive game, a more live screen, you will have an illumination better a whiter white a black more, that makes an interesting difference right there, not enough just to be 4K is cool to be HDR too

And that PS4 Pro is also bringing new to us Another cool thing is that the device is behind it, it is now a quality, a possibility of doing a much better anti-aliasing, what would an anti-aliasing be? It would be a finishing of the contours of the better images, so sometimes you see a game, knows that everything is so pixelated around the outline of the character, or that flower or that plant and such, then this anti-aliasing for being a 4K so we have a lot more pixels on the screen, we have an HDR that will deliver a color quality a palette of much better color, then that outline that blur that surrounds that mark of pixel, will probably be much more diminished, so you will get images that have an anti-aliasing much better As it is today on the PC, I do not know if you play on the PC, but on the PC you can be applying a stronger anti-aliasing depending on your setup setup you have if you have a video card that manages to improve anti-aliasing even a game that sometimes that is not very cool is not very well finished you can apply an anti-aliasing filter and it gets a little better control and now the PS4 has this also the PS4 Pro this will be very good Another improvement that we will realize with PS4 Pro is this We'll have a much better game background, which would be this: On the horizon, let's for example you're going to play a FPS, you're playing a Battlefield 1 right now, and your opponent, your opponent is very far ta 500 meters from you, so the idea with all these technologies, these four points I told you here, a better anti-aliasing, an HDR and a, a now a 4K, but one is 4K, you will get a much more vivid background, so you will get see much more detail in the background of the image, so if you are playing a game that he has a horizon and there is an opponent behind, is a tree is an icon that you has to arrive, an npc, or something, you will be able to see it much further understood, a much better quality, and this is very important is, mainly games fps, is that it has big maps you have a good view of the horizon background behind the your opponent is deep down and this is fundamental and now we can bring this to a console, the first console to bring better background quality there, it's horizon and sure, especially the shooting games and fps will goes will win a much better experience than it has until now in a console that is something that we we used to see only PCs right now, in PC games and today a console starting there by PS4 Pro we will get to enjoy this too, right? Another cool thing that the device brought now was a better quality at Livestrems right now

I do not know if you make Internet videos, you share videos with your friends, so today the PS4 Pro will also start recording in 1080p, so you'll be able to sharing through that little sharing button that has in the device in the control, in a 1080p quality as you will also be able to record, make your gameplays right through is 1080p, so this is also an interesting thing is all this improvement is from the part technique of the graphic part of the device also brought an improvement there for us Streamers or even for you who likes to share or you who makes channel makes video too such, then we will have an improvement gain in the transmission of matches both live both in life, both in live, and in recordings of gameplays then the part 1080p is a good thing But for you to enjoy all the benefits of the device power is to extract the maximum of PS4 Pro, you need three things in your setup that is crucial One of them first a 4K TV, so it's no use to have a 1080p TV or a full TV hd you will not run in 4K, it's no use you only have the device only the console PS4 Pro 4K, you also need to have a 4K monitor In addition to the 4K monitor, it is important that you have in your setup this monitor 4K be HDR, does not mean that it is 4K that it hdr I even have a monitor that it is 4K and it is not hdr, not monitor, because I already bought it a few years ago ago 2, 3 years I had bought the TV and when I bought I did not cling to the hdr point, so I have a 4K tv and I do not have it hdr, I already lost a bit with it so if you will buy your television, 4K, it is important you already have a television that has hdr technology And the third point is, you need a hdmi 2

0 cable The hdmi 20 cable is what makes the transmission transmit information in 4K, ok, because what happens, you need a cable that transmits much more information, you imagine four times more information than a fullhd, right, 4K is four times a fullhd, so you need a hdmi 20 cable at least ok? Now so to launch hdmi 30 and such but hdmi what Sony is indicating in the Her site is hdmi 2

0 So you need to have a 4K TV this 4K TV has to be hdr and besides that you need of an an hdmi 20 cable This is information you need to know to get the most out of your PS4 Pro There you turn and tell me, "Mario, I'm not going to change my 4K, I'm not going to change my TV for 4K is, I'm going to continue with my 1080p TV here, full hd I'm not going make this exchange now, I think it's unnecessary I'll keep it with the TV I have " Ok, you will get improvements ok

It is for example the anti-aliasing that I said you will be able to enjoy a finish in the image much better this is a technology that the device comes there indifferent to being 4K or not so you'll get softer edges in the pictures Another important thing is that now they have done, has a slightly more advanced technology upscale, it would take a 4K image and try to get it as real as possible by a 1080p screen, then they will try to duplicate the amount of pixel, making a pixel be 2, be 3, be 4, bring, bring a much better quality of color with 1080p, then plus a better anti-aliasing finish there that you'll probably have you will have a much larger palette quality Another important point is the loading, you will have a load a much lower loading even because the Processor now it is a faster Processor like I said there on top and another very cool spot there that will greatly influence your gameplay which I think even sometimes will be worth if playing in 1080p is the amount of improvement of the frame rate So if you have a 4K TV ok, versus a 1080p television, on the TV 4K great you'll be playing in 4K, only you'll be playing in an amount of frame rate Many games if you take this game with the PS4 to a 1080p TV, you will not have a 4K, okay? But what you're going to get is a bigger frame rate gain, so you'll have a game by example that will run 1080p 60 frames per second, right at 60fps and it can also play on a 4K, 4K TV with 30 Fps, so it will depend on whether you are a hardcore player

I know many friends of mine that plays on PC, FPS that gives up the 4K to have a much frame rate bigger, then there's a benefit there on one side, there's a benefit from the other that maybe playing in 1080p if you are a player is a bit more hardcore, is play fps a guy more Pro it's cool to play in 1080p, you get a little more frame rate than you know in fps is very important, so it's worth it anyway to have a PS4 to play in 1080p does not want say you have to play only on a 4K TV Let's briefly summarize, you on a 4K TV will have a better picture quality in 1080p you will gain a bit more speed, more image quality but will have a much larger frame rate, so that's an important point to take into consideration So come on guys, let's try to answer the big question now, right? It pays to buy a PS4 Pro or not I'm going to share it's worth and things that are not worth it, okay It's worth it, if you have money left over, well, I have money, I have the subscribed there as the ancients said, I got a lot, I'm going to buy the PS4 Pro, cool, today is the best console, currently, at the moment, in the recording of this video

He is the best console available for sale today, he is great, he goes there and buys, you will have fun will enjoy it a lot Another point, I'm a graphic enthusiast, I like some wonderful graphics, I'm a guy who likes and see a cool screen, see a cool game, a good graphic and such, perfect, today it is the best console being marketed at the moment, you will have the best qualities of image, better qualities of games there, perfect A good reason Another great reason, well I play a FPS, want, more game on the console I like to play on, I want play on PS4 and I'm looking for a bigger frame rate, PS4 Pro in the head, it's worth it, go there and get it your PS4 pro, you will be making a good investment is playing and will go a higher, perfect frame rate Another important point, pow has a PS4 here common or has a Slim, has a friend of mine who I can market it to him, sell it to him, make a roll, I get that money, together more a little buy a PS4 Pro, it's worth it, you pass yours forward that you have today and got a PS4 Pro putting a difference, it's worth you to acquire

These are the points that I think are worth you today to acquire in this circumstance a PS4 Pro The points on which I think it is not worth you to now get a PS4 Pro First are the values, because, I believe now Sony at the end of the year launching officially the device she will be marketing here in Brazil more or less what the stores that they are importing, they are going to be marketing, today we are going to have a PS4 Pro offer a little cheaper than now if you have a money but give it to you wait a little the best time is you buy from December As soon as you leave the PS4 in the big retailers in the big stores, when you leave the PS4 Pro, I think it's a good time for the acquisition, so I would not buy now and it would be worth Too bad I bought it more later this year Another important point, the ok I'm worried about the warranty, the better you wait

the end of the year, buy direct from Sony, why you will get a direct warranty from the manufacturer, so if you can wait a little bit now and it's a slightly worried guy with warranty of the device, I would wait until the end of the year, that's another point there Another important point I'm still in the past generation, so playing Xbox 360 is playing PS3, I'm going to enter now in the new generation, I'm cool I'm playing my games of the previous generation, I want to enter now, I buy a PS4 now right away I would not buy now, I'd rather spend a little bit on why the PS4 now it is the best console, but the Xbox, sorry, Microsoft is launching the Xbox One X from here a few months, in 3, 4 months, I would wait a little bit longer, I would expect the first reviews of Xbox One X by the buyers, look how it is, if it is doing everything even if Microsoft is promising, because she okay, some people who saw the device have seen the games come to play, but not yet has not been marketed I think it's cool to wait for it to launch, as soon as you launch the device, the console, there you evaluate, I'm going to buy Microsoft or buy Sony, and then you can choose the PS4 Pro or not, that's one of the circumstances Another circumstance like, I'm a guy who does not care much for graphics, I'm a guy that I want to play the games of this generation and such I am calm but not I'm very worried about graphics and such

The PS4 Slim, do not need to buy the PS4 Pro, buy the PS4 Slim you're playing the same games that your friend who has the PS4 Pro is playing You're a guy who's not worried about that then Another important thing you are a guy that does not care much for this frame business rate, play more adventure action games, frame rate maybe has no influence so big Stay on PS4 Slim, on the classic PS4, no need for a PS4 Pro And another last one, maybe the most important of all is, pity for me that difference to there to buy the PS4 Pro, not worth it I do not have the financial conditions for this I sometimes get a little tight I'm going through a season a little more difficult, Brazil is in a crisis there, everybody's complaining about lack of money

and such, if you're in this situation I think it's cool you wait a little bit longer, do not buy the PS4 now with for example you do not have any handset, buy a regular PS4 have fun with him enjoy, you will be playing the same games that everyone is playing, the only difference is that you will not have the graphics but all the games that come out to PS4 Pro, will run on the normal PS4, will not have so, summarizing no will have games pro PS4 Pro, will have games for PS4, for Playstation 4, which will run in the normal PS4, in the classic PS4, in the PS4 Slim and in the PS4 Pro So you will not stop playing this is another point Another point, I already have a PS4, I'm cool, I'm cool, there's a Slim here, I do not care much, great wonder, continue with your device this is another reason you do not need change and then it is not worth you to switch to PS4 Pro or buy a PS4 Pro So I think this business worth or not worth is always a very individual very individual of each other For me it may be worth it on some issues so you may not be worth it so every one has to look at your reality for what you like for what you expect and whether it is worth buying or not

What we did in this video here was just lucidar all this for you né, present various circumstances present the technical specifications of the appliance and you then on the other side will define whether it is worth buying it or not So this is what I hope you guys liked the content of the video, it's do not forget to share this video of give a like and especially sign up on the channel our channel is still small is starting now but it sure will have a lot legal content that is relevant to you sorry is one of the first videos my Maybe I might be making some mistakes I mean, I'm getting better in front of the cameras to bring better content to you guys we do it here for hobby does from the heart and I hope you guys are enjoying the content there, thank you very much a big hug and thanks staff until the next video