3DS Repair : How to fix a dead New 3DS XL (Not turning on, No power)

Let's try plugging in the USB charger It charges normally

Let's try turning on the console It won't powered on What is that faint red light means anyway? So let's inspect this New 3DS XL Pressing the power button does nothing I cannot turn it on Let's try plugging in the USB charger You can see the orange LED there You can see a glimpse of red LED turn on and off for a second while pressing the power button Let's try replacing the battery It does nothing

It won't budge and It won't turned on So the battery is not the problem We may need to disassemble the console and check the fuses inside it So remove the battery and prepare a small philips screw driver to disassemble the console You might need to use a sharp tool to remove the rubber pads So go ahead, remove both rubber pads with that sharp tool

Remove the stylus and don't forget to remove the micro sd card Start removing the screws from the console Lift the back case very carefully There are two flex ribbon cables attached to the motherboard You may need something like this plastic opener tool to remove the flex ribbon socket from the motherboard Then you can lift the back case completely These are the flex ribbon cables The shoulder button connects to the motherboard through this cables Now remove this button board

Use the philips screw driver to remove all the button board screws Lift the board carefully, there are two flex ribbon cables below it Use the plastic opener tool to unlatch it This is the first fuse You need to check it with a multimeter It has continuity That means this fuse is OK Now check the other fuse on the main board It is located just right there

This fuse is OK too I see continuity on the multimeter So both fuses are OK I assume there is a problem with the button board I read someone's post at GBATEMP that had the same problem as this console

He replaced the button board then the problem solved But I have a different approach before buying a button board replacement I tried to reflow this chip with a hot air rework station I applied some flux around the chip and isolated it by covering the board with an Aluminium tape It look something like this Then I turned on the hot air and set the temperature about 220c until the solder melted Move the hot air nozzles around the chip and keep heating the chip about 30 seconds Then I assembled the board back Then install the back case temporarily

And install the battery Let's try turning on the console I am amazed I can see the blue LED turning on right now The console is now officially back from the death Now it is time to assemble the console completely Remove the battery and remove the back case once more Use a tweezer to place back the flex ribbon header to its socket It was tricky But I managed to install the flex ribbon cable properly

Then screw the back case completely Place the battery and the micro sd back to its place Then install the battery cover Final check Let's try turning on the console Yes, the console is now fixed So for my case, I did not replace the button board I just reflowed the tiny chip and the console is resurrected Thank you for watching this video I hope it helped you

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