How to Fix PS Vita Analog Stick

I need to know how to fix a PS Vita analog stick I can't stand not being able to win a game because of the device not working right

It sounds so weird when you say that for a digital device So tell me how to fix the analog stick on my digital gaming device Try changing games to see if the bug is in a new game that you need to update or a hardware problem I've tried different games and it still isn't working right That rules out the left analog for movement option being due to a buggy game download instead of a control stick or controller problem

That rarely happens and game updates fix it if it was So what else can I do? Power cycling is a standard solution for all devices these days Turn it off totally, push the power button and pick to power off I've tried that one already Then leave it off for at least an hour so that the memory clears, including any memory glitches that cause it to slow down while moving so it doesn't move right

I've tried rebooting, hard and soft One of the old solutions is turning off the PS Vita, turning the sticks clockwise for fifteen seconds at a normal speed and then counter-clockwise for fifteen seconds Then boot up and see if that works Do you know how many young digital generation members don't know what clockwise and counterclockwise mean? Turn it all the way around to the left a couple times and then to the right a couple times, but not really fast Then turn it on and see if it works

It hasn't worked thus far There's always the option of calling tech support and asking for a new controller They would probably charge me for it And it isn't due to a bad new one because I've owned it for a while and it used to work You can try a software fix, especially if the analog controls aren't obviously stuck or broken

Rebooting the console didn't fix this Put the Vita in safe mode, select to rebuild the database That fixes it whether it is a setting problem or software problem But it won't work if it is a hardware problem Only you know if you spilled soda in the controller and shorted something out

If there's a chance there's food residue in there, use a tooth pick and not a metal paper clip or you will create a mechanical problem that requires replacement to fix I haven't spilled anything on it recently If the up and down work but not left to right or vice versa, I don't know if you've worn the contacts inside of it out or sat on it and broke something inside Both of those probably require repairs, though I don't know if I have the skills to fix them At least by trying all of this, you won't feel so bad sending it in for repairs for them to bill you for rebooting or rebuilding the software for you