YouTube Voice Search on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

Say it See it

SHIELD delivers the best YouTube experience on your TV We all love YouTube, but using it on your TV has never been easy Until now With support for both Universal Voice Search and 4K 60FPS video the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is, hands down, the best device for fast, easy access to everything you already love about YouTube SHIELD's native voice search lets you find YouTube content right away so there's no more pecking around on a virtual keyboard

"Cat videos" You just say what you want into the SHIELD controller or remote and then you get immediate access to all sorts of great video content All without typing a single letter "Hip hop videos" "Movie trailers

" You won't find this feature on Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire SHIELD's Universal Search is also a really great feature letting you search from the homepage So I just say, "Search for 4K Videos!" And then watch what happens And the quality is as amazing as the simplicity In fact, SHIELD is the ONLY media streaming platform capable of delivering 4K video at 60FPS

Incredibly intuitive, Universal Voice Search , with the highest quality video you can find It's easy to see why SHIELD delivers the best YouTube experiences Everytime