NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

Did you notice my beard is getting a little bit longer What's up guys Lew here back with another video and today I am checking out the Nvidia shield as well as the various accessories that go with it So I've got the shield itself

This is the 16 gigabyte version there's also a 500 gigabyte version I've also got the shield controller the most advanced game controller That's quite the statement Please stand for the shield and then in the standard remote Which has a microphone built-in for voice commands a more traditional remote for maybe people in in your household that don't want to use The game remote now the shield is a competitor to various set-top box types Multimedia devices this one takes it to another level though because it supports 4k That's right I said 4k that's what you might be watching this video in because we of course shoot in one more time 4k yeah, I hope so sometimes I forget how hot these lights are so on the back of the box You can see here We have Android TVs So you can take advantage of the wonderful world of Google Play 4k movies and TV as well as Dolby 71 surround Pass-through so if you got a surround sound system You're golden and then lastly games you can play a new class of Android games only on shield They've got a pull tab on the front, but it looks like the seal that needs to be broken on the back So let's do that Trusty blade wait I didn't even need it there This is important stuff guys

There's a little tab here to Oh, that's how she's satisfying It's actually quite safe No knife necessary wow This is actually a pretty cool design here I'm a fan It's futuristic looking on the back of the device is where you'll find all of your various ports So here we have expansion for what looks like microSD There's a USB port two USB 30 ports So of course one of them is the micro style and then the other two are full-size We have an Ethernet jack an HDMI port And I'm assuming this is gonna be power on the far end here so we have a controller in here So this is an extra can roller

I guess or two-player games And they didn't lie It is comfy it sort of feels like and close my eyes here it helps me to imagine It feels like an Xbox can go a little different There's a groove here that your middle finger sits on that's really quite comfortable so two analog thumb sticks of course a d-pad Y X and B buttons and these look like Capacitive touch buttons probably and then down here you have a quick volume + up – down on the top a headphone jack for a headset obviously MicroUSB port for charging the controller also they've included an HDMI Cable good job Nvidia They've also included a micro USB cable This is cool You can see the logo there Jack This is not going in the video Yes, see because I've said that now that it's not going in the video It's definitely going in the video Whoo this is a capacitive touch pad here for volume

This feels very nice in my hand cool to the touch possibly metal a Headphone jack one more time have your headphones plugged into it get your audio into your headphones, so you can have a private Viewing session and not disrupt everybody else Wow look at this We're really building out now lastly we have The stand so just fits in there right like that pretty sturdy but Of course it all comes down to the functionality So let's go ahead hook this up and take a closer look at the interface all right So now the shield is completely booted up and as you can see we have a very slick interface Which is populated with various content, then you have something called the shield hub Which gives you a few more options for games as well as things like Netflix here You can stream games from your PC using the Nvidia grid system if you want to play Really resource intensive games on the shield from your couch, but they exist on your PC You can also download games And there's actually quite a large variety of Google Play games that will work and are optimized for the shield as well as this controller layout so as mentioned you've got Netflix in this location here and Netflix does support 4k on certain content of For example house of cards and the newly released daredevil will stream in 4k on your shield Which is pretty impressive now moving down to the next line you have your various absentee and install on the shield you have access to The Google Play Store so anything that's in there you can potentially install onto the shield for example NBA gametime I'm a big fan of the various sports apps that help me to remain Cable subscription free that's right as I move across you've also got Plex here You have YouTube as I mentioned before music and then you have your own photos and videos so anything that's on your device you can stream you can shoot you can cast To the shield and enjoy it on a bigger display now within the settings you can either have 1080p or 4k Depending on what your display supports you can also go up to 60 frames per second Which is really smooth for video games now speaking of video games? It's probably a good time to play one Let's go with the Talos principle All right, so here We go

Let's get this game started Check out these clouds here Ok so we have the game booted up And I'm on the first level so you'd think that this would be a fairly easy task and this guy wants me dead And I don't want to allow that now When I deploy this on one of these Robotic dudes he'll be jammed up so you can't fire so when he comes by watch this boom jammed, but if you encounter one Yeah, that happens so you refer back to the beginning of the puzzle the main story Here is this is sort of a console grade Graphics intensive game, and you've got it running on this tiny little shield device so pretty impressive What this little thing can do like I said earlier at 60fps? I'm going a little bit more practice as you can tell It's so easy to bring this thing with you and a couple controllers Thank you 50 in a backpack No problem unlike bringing a gigantic console, and you're gonna get a local multiplayer experience on various games lots of classics and stuff That's far better than what you can do on a mobile device anyway that wraps up this video big thanks to Nvidia for sending this out for me to check it out this point it looks pretty promising and There's not much competition in the 4k on your TV space, right Xbox doesn't do 4k right now PlayStation doesn't do 4k right now So if you want to take advantage of that new panel and start to see all the pixels That you're used to seeing here on YouTube or on your computer Monitor or wherever it is that you watch 4k or maybe you don't watch 4k yet Maybe you've been waiting for an opportunity to upgrade to 4k, and you need the content to go with it this could be that solution for both games and media There you have it Nvidia shield check it out link will be down in the description Thanks as always for watching if you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below And I will catch you on the next episode later