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This video is made possible by Nvidia Hey guys, Marco here! He is finally out in the Netherlands: The Nvidia SHIELD Android TV

This is a compact media player that is incredibly fast! Smash already on the like button and make sure you are subscribed And then we go to work! More and more people are watching on-demand videos They do this with Netflix, Youtube, Plex and so on Nvidia has released a very smart device for this: Namely the Nvidia SHIELD Android TV! And with this entertainment box you can do a lot The SHIELD is packaged in a very sturdy package that also looks very good

In the packaging we find the SHIELD, together with the power adapter, connections for different types of outlets, an HDMI cable, USB charging cable, the SHIELD Wireless Controller and a number manuals But first the technical side of the story In the SHIELD there is an Nvidia Tegra X1 This is based on the Maxwell GPU architecture which can also be found in the Geforce GTX 950 and higher! At this moment it is also one of the fastest mobile processors on the market In addition there is 3GB memory and 16GB storage to find and he has support for 802

11ac WiFi He also has support for Bluetooth 41 The following can be found at the back: A microSD slot where you can place a microSD card with a maximum capacity of 2 Terabyte! A Micro USB 20 port 2x USB 30 ports, Gigabit ethernet port, HDMI 2

0 connection and below the power connection You hear it right! 20! This HDMI port can take 4k videos play at 60p and through HDCP 22 he can also play the latest DRM-protected content! Watching Netflix in 4k is therefore possible! As the name suggests, Android is present on this device And specifically to be is this Android TV 6

I do not think this is a bad choice Android TV is a very good operating system to have installed Browsing through menus is incredibly difficult smoothly and because of the large icons and clear text it also looks very good and user-friendly! As I indicated, a controller is included And it works pretty well He feels bigger for example an XBOX One controller, but you get used to it very quickly

The buttons feel very nice Unlike other controllers makes this controller connects to Wi-Fi Direct This gives you an even lower latency than that when you use bluetooth At the back is also a 35mm audio jack

You can connect your headset to this What's the point of this? Your environment no longer hears the sound Only you hear the sound through your headphones There is also a micro-USB port with which you the controller can charge Once fully charged you have a battery life of no less than 40 hours! Of course it is also possible to use an extra SHIELD Controller to close

This costs € 60 Nvidia has also sent the SHIELD Remote If you have Netflix with some friends, If you want to watch Youtube, Twitch or something else, it's much easier with this remote control This is incredibly light and only the buttons that you really will need to find there Unlike the controller, this remote uses bluetooth Here I can live with

You will not be gaming with this remote control So is a low latency not even a requirement Of course you can also find a Micro-USB connector here And a 35mm audio connector for your headset

There is also a large microphone button on the front to use Google Search This one SHIELD remote currently costs € 60 Both accessories have a microphone This allows you to use Google Search for your search terms yourself to speak This works very well! It is fast, and in most cases it registers he really does what I say! Back to the cupboard where everything revolves

His design looks very modern To my opinion fits this design in almost every interior As soon as you turn it on, there is a burn a green LED on the side And to be honest: I love it! It looks incredibly fantastic and cool Are you starting up the device for the first time? Then you will have to go through a one-time configuration walk

This is very similar to setting up your Android phone You are in less than 5 minutes ready and you can get started with the pre-installed apps, or you can download the apps via the Play Store Bloatware is actually not to be found In advance there are 4 additional apps installed, 3 of which are Nvidia itself Nvidia has categorized these 4 apps under the term SHIELD hub

Below you can find Geforce Now, Shield Games, GameStream and Netflix In the app 'Shield Games' you will find a collection of games made for the SHIELD Some games you have to pay for, but other games are free With 'Game Stream' you can stream your games from your PC to your SHIELD And for this you need an account that you can easily create

You will also need a PC with a GTX video card and good network speed This works amazingly well! I have been able to stream games from my PC to the SHIELD without any problems Latency was huge and it looked very good The controller was also fully supported at the same time A super handy feature that will certainly use often! With Geforce Now it is possible to play triple A titles

You can indeed hear that good! With Geforce Now you can play games like Mad Max, GRID Autosport, Shadow or Mordor, Witcher 3, Tomb Raider and many more games at 1080p resolution! And not only that, too with 60 frames per second! How did Nvidia do this? The games are running himself not on the SHIELD, but run on a server outside the door This server is rendering the images and forward the frames to your SHIELD This works amazingly well! This service costs $ 8 per month The first 3 months are free The disadvantage is that you a credit card must be required to use this service

I would have preferred that you can also pay with PayPal You can use it as a game console, but you can also use it as a media player And as I already indicated it is possible to play back DRM-protected 4k content at 60 frames per second On this moment this Nvidia Shield Android TV is the FIRST that can do this! This leaves him under others the Apple TV, Playstation 4 and the Xbox One behind them! It is also possible to play H265 (HEVC) videos! Also nice in Android TV: Apps have support for background noise! A very nice extra feature! Enough about the user experience, time to sweat the SHIELD! As usual I have carried out benchmarks

You will now see the results! Is it a console? Is it a media player? It is actually both It is an entertainment box The Nvidia SHIELD Android TV can do this without too much effort The design looks good and the performance is fine The extras that are possible are fantastic and the accessories work very nice Too bad that you need a credit card for some functions

If you want to purchase this SHIELD, I strongly recommend you to use the SHIELD Remote also to purchase You pay a little, but you also get a lot in return So you're looking for a console, or a media player take a look at the Nvidia SHIELD Android TV Because I recommend him without any doubt!