How to change 3DS games language and region.

This is my New 2DS XL It is running custom firmware 11

5 and this console's region is USA Now we have to install Luma Locale Switcher Run FBI Choose TitleDB Please wait a while and then search for Luma Locale Switcher Choose the Luma Locale Switcher by Possum and install it Press any button then press B several times then press Start to exit FBI Unwrap the new installed title Then turn off the console Press Select and Power button to enter Luma Configuration screen

Select Enable game patching Then press Start to reboot the console We will try to run Hey Pikmin game You see that this game runs in English language Press Home button then choose close to exit the game

Let's try to change the Hey Pikmin game Language and Region to Japanese Open Luma Locale Switcher Choose Locales Directory Choose the second option Then choose Titles Search for Hey Pikmin game Change Region to JPN Then change Language to JP Press B several times then press Start to exit the app Run Hey Pikmin game

Now you see that the game language is now in Japanese If you want to restore it to the default language, then we will need to run Luma Locale Switcher again Press Home button and choose close to exit the game Open Luma Locale Switcher Search for Hey Pikmin game Then choose Use System Default Press B several times then press Start to exit the app Try running the game again

The game language is still in Japanese We will need to close this game Turn off the console Then turn it on Try running Hey Pikmin game again Now the game language is restored to its default setting You can try this method for other games but please note that not all games have multiple language track Thank you for watching this short tutorial

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