New Nintendo 2DS XL Unboxing and Review

So this is my brand new 2DS XL It came with one free game

But actually, it was not "free" because I was forced to pick one out of eight given titles These are the games to choose I chose Zelda Tri Force Heroes I never played any Zelda games before But I am sure this is a very good game This box is very light

It seems very compact Let's open it up You will get the standard AR cards and console manual Then you will find the power supply beneath the console I didn't expect why the console is so light compared to 3DS XL At the top left corner there is a game store security seal sticker

Because there is no official Nintendo sales and support office in my country The console's top surface is textured It seems glossy but actually it isn't the other unique thing is the bezel It upgrades the design to the next level But I feel the bottom plastic material seems cheap Let's flip the top screen

Both screens are similar to New 3DS XL screens The memory card and game cartridge port design is way better than the original 2DS and even 3DS XL You don't need to unscrew anything and it wont collect dust As usual, you will find a 4 GB micro SD card inside the console Then you will find the stylus on the right side of the headphone port It is shorter than the one on 3DS XL and it is lighter

The rear camera is now placed at the bottom of the console On the opposite side you will find the charging and infrared port, and four buttons similar to the 3DS XL On the inside you will see the C-stick that is found on the New 3DS XL The home button is now placed on the left side of the screen The front camera has been moved to the hinge on the 2DS XL Let's go to system settings to see its firmware version The factory default firmware of this console is 11

4 You can update the firmware if you like At the time I made this video, the current 3DS firmware is on 115 This is when the original 2DS compared to the New 2DS XL The original 2DS screen is smaller but look brighter This is when the console is compared to the New 3DS XL The 2DS XL screen dimension is similar to the New 3DS XL

So that's it for the short review on the 2DS XL Personally, I would prefer the 3DS XL to the 2DS XL for its better build quality and material choice But in the end, its up to personal preferences Thank you for watching this short video Please subscribe for more upcoming videos