How to Install NTR CFW on Nintendo 3DS

This is my New 2DS XL It is running custom firmware 116 Make sure your console is connected to the internet

Run FBI Now we will need to know the 3DS IP address Go to remote install, and choose the first option This is your 3DS IP address Make a note of this You will need it later Now we will need to install BootNTR Selector Choose TitleDB Search for BootNTR Selector and install it Press any button then press B several times, then press Start to exit FBI You can unwrap the new installed title Then run BootNTR Selector On this screen you just choose the default settings and save its settings

You can choose any version but I chose version 36 You will then returned to home screen To check if the BootNTR running, just press X and Y button You will see the BootNTR menu here Press B to exit the menu Run the Kitkat app on your computer Enter the 3DS IP address here Then press Connect You will see the 3DS screen on your computer Let's try playing Metroid Samus Returns You won't find any lags or frame drops

It is mirrored perfectly You can then record the gameplay with Open Broadcaster software To record the gameplay audio, you must connect the 3DS to the PC's microphone or line-in using a double-ended 35mm audio cable You can now close the KitKat app if you like The next step is to show you how to activate the cheat plugins Turn off your console Remove the micro SD card from the console As far as I know, there are three sites to find the game cheats plugin

Here is the first site Browse for the game title and if you have found the game you like, then click download This is the second site Same as before, you need to browse for game title and download the plugin This is the third site This site is written in chinese language I will try to download Metroid Samus Returns cheat plugin Click the Speedfly NTR CFW button You might need to translate it This game cheat plugin is compatible with three console's region I chose US version You will need to copy the Game ID Click the plugin's version button You can choose between Mega, Baidu or City to download the plugin

I chose Mega and I downloaded the latest version of the cheat plugin Open the console's micro SD card with the computer You will find a plugin folder there Open the plugin folder and create a new folder inside it Name the folder with the copied Game ID Then drag the plugin file to that folder

Reinsert the micro sd card to the console Turn on the console Run BootNTR Selector Choose version 36 Then run Metroid Samus Returns Press X and Y button to bring up the NTR Custom Firmware menu Choose Game Plugin Now you can see lots of cheat options You can try enabling some of them and try it out This plugin works perfectly I can see instant effect on the game character Samus has one hit kill capabilities You can see that Samus is now invincible And it has infinite Ammo You can try using the cheat plugin for any other games Thank you for watching this video

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