$7 Playstation Charging Dock! – Buying $208 in Wish Tech Items

– Hey what's good guys, Keaton here So you know what time it is

It's my favorite series here on the channel, it's time for Wishbusters So case you guys don't know how Wishbusters works, check out some of the older episodes in that ICARD right up there But what happens is I go on this site called wishcom If you wanna check it out, I'll leave a link down below

And they have an iPhone and Android app And basically they have everything you could ever want in life and on the internet on this app So gadgets, hobbies, phone upgrades, beauty, fashion, women's, men Anything you want, they got it here And what's cool is it comes at a reduced price

But the catch is takes around three to four weeks to ship Most of it's comin' from China, so keep that in mind So this is where I basically buy a bunch a stuff on Wish, see how good it is, test it out for you and we see if it's crap Sweet, so episode four See what interesting stuff we find

Always crazy stuff on wishcom, I'm telling you This smart watch is kinda interesting Alright, so a camera on the top, speakers on the bottom, pretty definitive That is some design

$27 if I buy it with Ashanti Not a single review, not a single person wanted to review it $27 for this watch, it's got all these features WhatsApp, Facebook, you can call someone Yeah basically everything you want on a smart watch

Buy, okay bam, we are off to the races We got our first thing in the cart Okay, I had to click into this I do not know, it's a stainless steel super sword swallowing illusion close-up street magician real magic trick props, for six bucks Awesome quality, sword parts move nice and smooth

This is crazy, she puts it in her mouth I mean I want to be a magician, don't you? Let's buy that, six bucks? Alright, so you guys know in all these Wish episodes, I like to splurge a little, only if you guys want me to They sell refurbished Apple products on here Last episode I copped a $50 pair of Beats wired headphones I didn't think they were real, turned out to be alright

For the most part it's pretty comfy Let's throw 'em on the head and see how they sound Oh yeah dude, these are just Beats Threes I saw they had an iMac on here, and I'm kinda tempted See these are expensive, we got one for 750 bucks

Hey real quick, drop a like in this video If we hit 15,000 likes, I'll go ahead and buy that refurbished iMac It's kind of expensive, so if you want it drop a like This is crazy, look at this Core two duo? Core two yeah

Oh I'm totally feelin' this, yeah I need somethin' like this for my PS4 Alright it's one of those basic recharging dock stations Seven bucks, $630 if I buy it with Jason

Sho, what is her name, I love it, it's beautiful I'm not laughing at your name, I think it's beautiful Shiraleena, works perfectly, exactly as described Looks great on your desk Shiraleena Verified by Wish, hopefully it'll be verified with Keaton

Let's buy it So we got four things in the cart, I am gettin' stoked Wow, lots a interesting colors Lots of vibrating wands, what is that all about Ev? What's a vibrating wand? What is she doing, why is she bent over like that? Okay, this is kinda interesting, it's a screen magnifier Jeez, I just slid my arm back

110% I got a splinter, 110% We're gonna pull it out, we're pullin' out the splinter Ev, am I bleeding, ugh Oh no, that was a scab 110% I got a splinter

Back to this, it's a screen magnifier for $9, and you're seein' what I'm seein' here You put your phone down, is that an iPhone 4? It's got 30 pin charger, and just straight up magnifies your screen, good for car trips and road trips Ow, my arm really hurts $810 if I buy it with Keaton

Alright, I'm buyin' it with myself, no one else wants this Great little object, Ashley says Gail says I can see it, course you can see it Gail, it's a magnifying glass It's good to know you have eyes Awesome, $2

10, let's buy it Okay, this is interesting, this is getting interesting What does that do to your car? Useful five colors, new professional car paint repair My Honda Civic has a little oopsie-daisy Josh, let's get one for your car too

I accidentally hit Josh's car Yeah, I, well, (light laughter) I, no, I'm not gonna say I killed it Alright, I'm gonna get the auto brush pen Choose color, I'm gettin' it in champagne It's sold out, of course it is

There's a lotta people hittin' cars like yours I'm gettin' the silver gray free, it is free We're about to fix my Honda Civic, hopefully for free? What if it does more harm than good, probably What is this? It's fake, it's what? I hope it's fake It looks like thumbs, fingers to be exact

Those are the same thing, see what I did there? Yeah These are props, these are prop thumbs for 90 cents I'm buyin' it with Maryjo I dunno why you want thumbs Maryjo, fake thumbs as-is You probably want real ones too

Just what I expected, but got four thumbs You're only showin' three thumbs in there, that's the best part Arrived early Is showin' five thumbs, she is 90 cents? Ooh, that's kinda cool

It's a bullet flash drive for $10? I'm diggin' this with Deirdre Quality make and design, golden is quite orange though, but they look great Wow, we're being critical for $10 You heard it here first today I'm gettin', no way, they have a one terabyte one for $10, doesn't even change the price? I ordered it, it's a bullet

Alright, while we're on the topic of magic I might as well just grab this It's two-piece magic light-up thumbs More thumbs, Lakesha, I'm just gonna buy it It's not a product, but like, okay it is a product It's somethin' I really want

I go to a lot of parties, ya know? Alright, so final item, I think I found it It is a clone DJI drone, 4k video For $70, I'm the only one buyin' it? I can get it in red? Oh I'm definitely tryin' it That, that's sweet Alright, let's go and head to cart

Do the head twitch too, that's where we're headin' $208, I'm pretty stoked Let's order it, and now we wait So it's been about three weeks, and everything except the sword showed up So we ordered 11 products, 10 showed up which is a record for Wish

Let's just jump into it and see what's good So the first thing that I really wanna check out is this drone I love drones, well I sorta like drones I like drones when they actually fly and they work, so this drone might be one that I like So features that it comes with is fixed high? Is that high altitude? 2

4 gigahertz connection, head-free Is that supposed to be hands-free? They're gettin' everything wrong here One key return, wifi, supposedly HD Okay, what is this? Do I have to assemble, okay maybe not, maybe not If they were gonna make me build this thing from scratch

This thing feels really cheap Okay, $80, you get what you pay for I can't be upset, I can never be upset in the Wish videos What's this, oh, camera Look at this camera, is this the harness? Prop guards, the motor, the battery, a screwdriver

Let me set this up, it's gonna be about a day, but I'll be back I been tryin' to get this drone set up, I gave it a full charge This is where your micro SD card goes in, so super easy to figure out where the camera is as well There's supposed to be an app I was checking out the box here, it's called the Yeely drone

For 80 bucks I'm pretty 80 disappointed There is nothing here that helps me figure out if that's an app, how I see the video Like check this out (mechanical beeping) Like are you gonna just take off if I throw ya up? I mean the good news is there's at least a screen, so I can see what's goin' on I mean for $80, it woulda been cool

Your phone display it was supposed to go right there So there has to be some app, but I've looked, can't find it, don't buy (live wire sparking) Okay, this has gotta be my favorite product in the video and we're only on number two It is the light-up thumbs, these were eight bucks So happy these showed up

So real quick, story time It was freshman year of high school, I had never been to a party My mom never wanted me to leave the house I guess that's why the YouTube channel did well Listen, I went to this party and I'm there, and it's a typical high school party

You know, stuff's gettin' done, people are havin' fun, and this guy has these fingertips in light up gloves I couldn't tell if it was his thumbs or whatever But that's what inspired me to buy these light-up thumbs What is this? They don't even light up These are just regular thumbs, Josh, and you let me talk all this way? Dude, this was such a good story

Okay, well he never had fake thumbs, I know he had all ten fingers But basically this guy had these light up gloves and they were tripping everyone out So that's why I got 'em, hopefully they'll trip you out Here are the lights, whoa It's supposed to go in your thumb? This guy had a way better setup five years ago

Seems like technology's got worse Or maybe I've got worse Oh, does it look cool Ev, are you trippin' out? You're trippin' out, Ev's just goin' bananas back there Someone get the kid some potassium and a nurse, 'cause the kid needs some help These are way better

Okay, well, let me put on all the thumbs first So when you're at the airport and they ask you for your fingerprint, you just come up to them and you say hey man, just trust me on this one I got lights in my fingers They'll probably throw you out of the airport That's the first thing I'm thinking of is the fingerprints on these

Honestly Ev, are you fooled? It's kinda similar to my skin color Does it somewhat look legit? Does it look real, are you trippin' out at the club? Like whoa (live wire sparking) So I'm sure a lot of you guys are gamers, let me know in the comments what you guys are playin' right now I'm basically PUBG and Fortnite, that's where my life's been for the last year So this is super helpful

For PS4, my controllers are always dying I love these quick recharge stands Seven bucks, you see what I'm sayin', don't spend 50 if this actually works and charges your DualShock 4 controllers That is nice, so micro USB port at the back to go ahead and charge your controllers, and I'll leave links to everything in this video down in the description if you wanna pick it up This thing's lookin' like it's gonna be a win, let's try it

Wow this is really easy So just take your DualShock 4, line it up Just like that it is charging You see that orange light back there? That, my friends, is a $7 steal This is awesome

(live wire sparking) So this is actually a free Wish product, I didn't order this, that's why I was like what is this? But it looks kinda cool So it is a pen holder as well as a wireless charger Kinda cool for a desk I mean anything for free I'll take I did not pay for this at all

You didn't see it in the first of this video, but it's this bamboo fast-charging stand? I mean anything that's free Looks kinda good, your pens and pencils go in here And your voice crack also right in there too So just load up your pens, your pencils Okay, so what, four pens, maybe a fifth pen? Sixth pen, whoo, this thing can hold a lotta pens

Get the charger portion goin' I mean, it's kinda simple, but does it wirelessly charge? Yes, it does, whoo I love this, I love when Wish sends ya free stuff that works, because that's amazing I'll leave this link down below In the next video since you guys crushed it on the last one, free Wish video, drop the like if you're excited, if you'll be there

I'm gonna order a bunch of free stuff on Wish We're gonna see what's crap, what's not, what's poppin', what's floppin' It's gonna be amazing (live wire sparking) Now smart watch, you guys know I love checkin' 'em out But some of 'em suck, some of 'em have the same features so

$30, let's see what we're gettin' on this one They're basically charging different prices I know what I'm gettin' myself into But this one has the camera at the top, what looks like a home button on a watch, okay Turn this thing on

I like, is that metal on the front? That is metal, sometimes you have to give the old lickaroo test Looks nice, kinda got this copper rose gold finish For 30 bucks, kinda diggin' this wrist strap It feels better than some of the others Checked out a lot of these smart watches, so you can trust me

(low quality xylophone music) Never heard that before Alright, so you got your menu Takes a sim card which is kinda cool Menu, write message, go back, is that a home button? That is the home button, I don't always see that on a watch The apps look real similar to some others

This is the camera on here, oh you know I'm takin' a selfie Oh it's, well the camera's at the top, so to take a selfie you kinda have to flip your wrist around if that makes sense So I'll take a selfie of Ev Hang on, you're looking good dude Bam, Ev, new Tinder photo

Alright, what else can you do on this watch? A lot of these have similar features, so if you've seen a smart watch here on the channel you've seen 'em basically all This watch is a little wacky I thought I had it figured out, I don't So this is the go back button, not the home button You have Twitter on here, that's sweet

This watch has a lot more features than some of the other cheaper smart watches, but for $30? It's tough, it's a tough sell, I've seen cheaper (live wire sparking) So I'm actually trying to start modeling soon That is not a joke So this is gonna come in really handy for me It's a fitness tracker, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't

On the back, let's see what some of the features are We got wireless syncing, that's kinda rare for a Wish product Notification display, caller ID display, all-day activity, auto sleep tracking, alarms and heart-rate monitoring For $20, this thing has a lot of the stuff you'd find in like a $100 Fitbit And there's a second band? $20, jeez, they're hooking it up

Okay, feels a little rickety Oh wow, that's awesome So to charge this thing up, instead of it having a proprietary charger, it has a USB that is curved, I'm diggin' that So you just plug that into your computer, you can always charge this thing, that's sweet So I got the smart watch all charged up, it looks so sweet

Like check out this display I was not expecting a display for $20, especially on a smart watch band from Wish to be this good and have an app that looks good But check out this app So you can see your device, your profile, obviously this is stuff that you can go ahead and tweak But it looks really friendly and super well-developed

I'm just so blown away right now Alright, on the smart watch you have a few different modes You have obviously your pedometer, your beats per minute So if I put it on my wrist it should track it I have a rough idea of what my heart rate is

Now I'm super hyper, I haven't had caffeine today so it should be, I'm gonna say right around 80 to 100 beats per minute What if it tells me I have a pulse of 25 beats per minute? So it's drawing my pulse now We're doing, uh, your boy was right Your boy was definitely right 80, 81, I nailed that, wow

This app is awesome, this watch is awesome There's a buncha modes, for $20 definitely pick this up (live wire sparking) This thing is awesome So it cost me a dollar, it's a phone magnifying glass So basically there is this stand portion at the back

You line any smartphone up you have Prop this up and when you look down or look through it, it should make your phone screen bigger So I got it all set up, super easy You could just whip this into your backpack Now I'm gonna watch What's inside The World Cup Soccer Ball by What's Inside? If you wanna check it out I'll leave a link down below

Kinda hard to see with the overhead cam, but if you actually pick this up, it's alright I mean it's a little janky So you see it's this magnifying glass It works a lot better when you're looking at it It looks natural, but you can see what's inside the soccer ball, sick video Dan

(live wire sparking) It's basically a USB flash drive that looks like a bullet I don't know why you'd want this For eight bucks I think there are some more safe designs out there, but it looks cool, oh wow that's real sharp Honestly, I figured it out So you're walkin' around, you got this on your keychain

Yeah it's a flash drive, no one knows it But it's also self-defense (live wire sparking) And the last thing is a big, big, big product, why? 'Cause it cost a dollar, but it's more than that Just trust me, if you made it to this point in this video, this is big because Josh's car does not work right now And Josh's car might've got a little hiccup on it, it has a few scratches

So this is a paint pen, and for $1 it's supposed to make Josh's car look like a Ferrari So let's head outside, hopefully it works This is gonna be big for Josh So this is Josh's Honda Accord, it doesn't really work anymore You can see the paint that I wanna fix

Give it a nice shake, c'mon Ferrari, c'mon Ferrari How do you get the paint to come out? (high pitched squeaking) Think I'm just actually scratching his car more Oh, it's not a paint pen Dude Josh, it's nail polish – It's the wrong color

– Yo call the dealership Josh, we got it for sale now You hear that rev, oh, dude Yo we're goin' to the track, tell Jeff Gordon He's got new competition Yeah the paint pen, if we had the right color

Doesn't look that bad but it basically smells like nail polish so it could be So that's it for Wishbusters number four If you guys enjoyed it, make sure to drop that like for the big free video next week And make you get subscribed just by clicking that circle button down there Check out the last two Wish videos over here, and I'll see you guys next time, peace