[Schweizerdeutsch] Langsamer als 6 Jährige | Was ist das? | Nintendo Labo | Part 2

Congratulations to Nintendo for Das Deutsch; Separate this 1 element from Papbogen Fish C As you can see, I'm already building the next Toj-Con, Can you already guess what that is? Not suspicious yet You can give your tip in the comments, I ask you to always write the time of the video beforehand If you change your mind then you can do it all on the next line Example is shown [Music] I have now built ready

I think you see, that's the fishing rod The whole starts with: ,, Kurble the role to start '' Now I already have the cord here, you can also see it on the screen When I go up, she goes up too She goes downstairs And so I can do all the cranking and who I go over like this the movement contradicts itself on the screen

and then i can do so fishing The whole thing works with only these two things

But I also find exciting as it is done inside Here are just 2 gum bands on the side, you can not see it so good And the thread, whom I now draw, there is a tension and the belts turn back The whole thing goes very fast Who I let go here Is it going back without problems? Cool, I think here

Here where the ventilation at the switch is It also has holes The switch does not overheat and crashes I already happened Here we have this part, You can pull that out if you do not want it that way [Clattering] sounds Here are the craft scenes: Is that, I was slower than an average 6 year old ?! For whom this is done? That's Trurig! For the whole one should have 90 – 150min My time: 1:13:02 I have my first fish here and Bam Markele, 41cm I found out you can read in your own fish, For this you need the piano Dan you can cut and scan your own fish This is a template, because the whole may not be bigger

Otherwise there is no room left As you should know, the message "load the switch while building" was recently received You should know that, it was 2x in the video For that I have to say That does not work, because Here is de stand, that is, She would be so set up, but that will not work, because of the charging cable That disturbed me already while playing The screen should turn Additionally we have Joy-Con and decoration and repair

There are many, That's why I always do 1 per part Everything we have here is That you can paint that and that should not be done without it Who I have to work for more than 6 years, Dan, I should think that over [Music]