The Witcher 3 breaks 50 million copies sold

Some games just keep selling. Grand Theft Auto V is nearly a decade old at this point but it somehow continues to appear in the charts and has sold over 180 million copies, a truly mind-boggling number. It’s only surpassed by Minecraft.

Well, it seems like The Witcher 3 is also one of those rare games that just keeps going and going and going. CD Projekt RED Tweeted out that their game has now sold over 50 million copies.

Currently, Wikipedia has The Witcher 3 as having sold 40 million copies which puts it in 16th place. These new figures would shift the game to 9th, just behind Red Dead Redemption 2 (53 million) and just ahead of Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow.

Of course, the game’s massive success was also bolstered by the TV show starring every geek’s crush Henry Cavill, the excellent DLC, the next-gen update and the fact that it’s constantly on sale.

The company’s next game, Cyberpunk 2077, took a while, launching in 2020, a full five years after The Witcher 3. Despite a lot of problems, Cyberpunk 2077 sold like crazy and as of September 2022 has sold 20 million copies, a number that is undoubtedly much bigger by this point. The lowest game on Wikipedia’s list is Red Dead Redemption at 23 million copies sold, and it would not surprise me if Cyberpunk 2077 is close to that or has surpassed it by this point.

To this day I still adore The Witcher 3. It contains some of the most enjoyable quests I’ve ever played in an RPG and a beautifully realised world. I keep meaning to fire it up and check out the updated version but never get around to it. One day I’ll make the time, sharpen up my silver blade and hunt some monsters.