PlayStation E3 Experience 2018 – Fan Reactions

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, everybody; hi, world I am here for the E3 experience in Los Angeles

New York City, man Mexico I am really pumped to be here right now I love PlayStation I couldn't sleep because I was too excited

Super excited to be with a bunch of other Sony fans We might actually find out what Death Stranding is about Last of Us Part 2 I'm wearing Ellie's shirt at the moment I also want to see what other surprises Sony might be hiding up their sleeve

Kingdom Hearts 3 All right Exactly I want to see it This is my first time going in something like this

I'm just counting down the minutes until we're in the theater and everything is going right now I love that they started with the Last of Us 2 The Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement, I actually screamed That was definitely the most hype moment Just seeing Leon show up

And oh my gosh, I literally got out of my seat and was like, yes I was not expecting actual gameplay, but that kind of blew me away [MUSIC PLAYING] When I'm in my bedroom throwing my hands in the air going, "oh, yeah This new game is going to be sick," It's not quite the same as when there's 40 or 50 people behind me going, "it's going to be sick!" You get free stuff You get to hang out with all these other people that are also into the same exact thing as you

Being in the theater with a ton of Sony fans all getting excited at the same time as you Make it happen because it's so worth it Do it PlayStation, Woo! PlayStation rules PlayStation Mexico! PlayStation E3

PlayStation PlayStation PlayStation PlayStation PlayStation

PlayStation Woo! PlayStation!