How to convert, install and play GBA games on 3DS

Use the web browser to open this URL Scroll down and download the latest version This is the downloaded Ultimate GBA VC Injector package And this is the GBA ROM file You need to use something like Winrar to extract the package Right click the package and choose extract to Ultimate GBA VC Injector folder Open that folder Then double click the the app Press Open GBA File Then select the downloaded GBA ROM file This app will detect the game name and its settings Press Next to continue Now you have to choose between box art, title screen or a custom image as the game icon

I chose box art as the game icon Press Next step Now you have to set the game 3D banner You can use a custom image or use the title screen as banner image I chose title screen as banner image Press Next step In this screen you just have to press Finish to create a cia file This is the installable cia file on the desktop This is my New 2DS XL It is running custom firmware 116 Now we need to turn off the console and remove the micro sd card

This is the console's micro SD card Drag the converted GBA rom file to the cias folder Create a GBA folder on the SD card You need this folder for the second method later Then drag the GBA rom file to this folder Reinsert the micro sd card to the console Turn on the console If your console is running custom firmware then you need to run FBI app Navigate to SD and then cias folder Select the cia file and then choose Install and delete CIA Press any key then press B several times and then press Start to exit FBI Unwrap the new installed title Now the GBA game has been injected to the console

Try to play it It will take about 10 seconds to load the game Now the game has been successfully loaded The game works perfectly Now press home button and select close to exit the game Rerun FBI app Go to TitleDB Search for mGBA And install it Press any key then press B several times and then press Start to exit FBI Unwrap the new installed title Run the mGBA emulator Navigate to GBA folder Select the GBA ROM file and then press A to load it The game loads perfectly You can change its display resolution and position by pressing the Y button

There are no quality and visual differences between the first method and the second method So now you have known two ways to run GBA ROMS on 3DS In the end, its up to you to choose any method to run GBA games on 3DS You can choose between installing the GBA games on the console or play directly using mGBA emulator Thank you for watching this tutorial I hope you like it

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