Firewall Zero Hour – Attacking 101 | PSVR

Two smokes going out All right

Let's get into position for breach I see four out Move in! Move in! Move in! ADAM ORTH: The main objective in Firewall is to either protect or obtain sensitive information on a laptop MOTHER: Data transfer at 50 percent ADAM ORTH: Your job as an attacker is to infiltrate a location, disrupt the firewall that protects the location of the laptop and then find the laptop and initiate a hack so the handler can get into the laptop, steal the information, and sell it on the open market

JOSHUA OCHOA: Attacking in PSVR is substantially different Being able to traverse the map and look left or right and really kind of scan your environment before you take any action is another key to winning DAMOUN SHABESTARI: So as attackers you want to set up and coordinate a plan prior to infiltrating the enemy location ADAM ORTH: Coordinating as a team and strategizing with each other is the best way to play DAMOUN SHABESTARI: Communication is very important in Firewall where you definitely want to be calling out enemy traps, enemy locations

If you go down, you need to call your friends to revive you If you go rogue in Firewall, it can backfire very quickly JOSHUA OCHOA: Strategy, communication, and domination are the three main components of the game