Firewall Zero Hour | Firewall 101 | Imersja | PlayStation VR

I detect enemies DAMOUN SHABESTARI: My favorite thing about Firewall is the fact that the whole works in VR

It's something completely new, and at the same time 100% addictive VR adds an element of physicality, we do not press the button to use the telescope, we have to literally raise the weapon and look in the viewfinder And you can shoot blindly This means that we can physically aim from around the corner and give shot JOSHUA OCHOA: You can also use a weapon as a physical object and, for example, follow the gesture "I'm going that way" or "standing"

We really do it in the game DAMOUN SHABESTARI: The aiming controller is VR at an unprecedented level Everything becomes physical and extremely realistic So when we turn the rifle, we turn the target control and we have one to one mapping We are this character

JOSHUA OCHOA: The tablet on the wrist is a mini-map But we're in VR so instead of displaying it on the screen in front of you, we have it physically, in virtual reality, literally in front of his face, as if he were held in his hand There was something like that before and that's what's special about Firewall Zero Hour DAMOUN SHABESTARI: The directional sound adds a whole new layer immersion in the world If someone calls to us from the right side, we hear him from the right side

If it's behind us and you need to resurrect it, we know about it by simply listening to the direction from which comes the call of the form We can listen where the fire is coming from So if the shots are heard in the distance, you can know it "I hear shots at the far end map " HESS BARBER: When VR came up, we did not really understand how it can be effective

But when we started experimenting, everything began to fit Addition to this aspect for many players and communication, it caused a unique magic, which has not been in games so far PLAYER: It's alright I'm going for a laptop Cover me