God of War – Father and Son Trailer | PS4

KRATOS: Boyhere

On the day you were born, I made two knives, mixing metals from my home and from this land One for myself, and when you were ready, one for you Today is that day ATREUS: So I'm a man now, like you? KRATOS: No We are not men

We are more than that The responsibility is far greater And you must be better than me Understand? Stay calm, boy! Say it ATREUS: I will be better

KRATOS: The power of this weapon, any weapon, comes from here, but only when tempered by this, by the discipline, the self-control of the one who wields it That is where the true strength of a warrior lies FREYA: The boy's true nature, your true nature, fights within him KRATOS: Hang on! ATREUS: Think I'm afraid of you?! You're nothing to me! Nothing! KRATOS: Boy, look at me FREYA: Don't make the same mistake

Have faith in him KRATOS: Atreus! ATREUS: I can hold on FREYA: I know the truth isn't simple, but nothing is when it involves your child KRATOS: We must be better You must never forget that