Playstation Vita – Recenzja

A month has passed since the European premiere of Playstation Vita, and I have already spent time with it probably enough time to decide if it was a successful purchase At the beginning it's worth it mention that Sony has never tried to compromise in a significant way price / quality

From the days of Playstation 1 and its CD drive, up to Playstation 3 with Blu-Ray company has always put on strong, often innovative entrails, and what for this is the right price for them The more positively the price surprised us PLN 1099 for a cheaper Wi-Fi model, which although not great, equated on the day of the announcement the price is much weaker in terms of pure power Nintendo 3DS In the vicinity the premiere was already less pink when the competitive console was in place, and users have learned that Vita has no built-in memory and should be separately buy special, and in addition expensive cards to expand it In spite of high prices, for a mobile device, it's worth to say hi Vita? Before we start, however, a brief information Please remember that Hardware review, not a visit to a fortune teller

Our task is to assess how the console works We do not want and we can not answer the question whether games will regularly appear on it and will not the console market remain absorbed by cells, the text focuses only on quality review object For questions regarding the legitimacy of the purchase, every consumer he should be able to answer himself Playstation Vita was released in two models, cheaper Wi-Fi and significantly, because up to 300 PLN more expensive model 3G The latter using the SIM card via the network phones will allow us to connect to the internet outside of the network's reach home

Unfortunately, apart from the fact that using the 3G option is additional cost, the service itself is limited to the basic one functionalities Without a Wi-Fi connection, we can browse the web in the browser, or download files smaller than 20MB, but about playing games over the internet we can do something best dream To use the network game option, we will have to connect with the internet using good and proven wireless networks The 3G model thanks to the built-in GPS also makes it easy to track us in the application tracking near, more in a moment In our opinion, additional the functionality of the 3G model, due to its large limitations, much higher the price and additional fees for the use of cellular networks will show Portable is the reconstruction of the analog knob system

Slider known to us from PSP most users are simply unnecessary and if in fact, there is no necessity, we advise against buying it in favor of cheaper Wi-Fi version This one, apart from the GPS module and the sim card slot, does not differ from its more expensive brother nothing but a slightly different weight Both consoles measure 182 out of 83 millimeters and in this way hit the record of the family that until now belonged to the original PSP-1000 The most important change in design, relative to Playstation replaced with two actual analog knobs which will please you all fans almost every game genre In practice, they work very good The rubber on the top keeps the fingers in place despite them small sizes, and the angles of swing, although not amazing, are like for mobile device quite decent A bit less comfortable is their closeness position relative to the other buttons, but it's hard to expect a pocket of something more

The players have been waiting for two analog sticks for years, so this one the change is definitely my favorite addition, which is diametrically opposed it changes the way of playing even shooters But this is just the beginning The front panel is waiting for us already known to us cross, circle, triangle and square buttons that, although visually small, work well without problem On the other side of the screen is a one-piece a cross who, despite his fears, is very comfortable and precise The same is not you can say about the Start and Select buttons placed in the lower right corner of the console

These are not enough that small ones are terribly uncomfortable They were built so that they barely protrude above the casing Around them there is empty space and the easiest way to press them with the tip of your finger or your fingernail, but this one likes to get stuck in gap between the buttons Considering how comfortable the rest are buttons, in this very similar, but sky more convenient playstation button after left, such a deficiency is reprehensible At the edges of the console there are also two medium quality speakers stereo, in a location so much weird that we'll often cover them with your fingers; besides, they are there as well low-quality camera and component in the portable console most important: the screen itself

This one delights It's a 5-inch display presenting an image in 960×544 resolution, pixels enriched in the Appendix o touch capacitive screen The image that displays is extremely sharp, and vivid colors Its disadvantage is the low brightness of the image, even on the highest setting, which can additionally be limited by a given game without it being possible for the time of its operation, setting it back to value maximal In addition, however, both viewing angles and reaction time stand on high level

Because one touch screen is not enough, Vita is also equipped with innovation in the form of a rear touch panel Depending on the games, its uses differ from the activators of the ability, by manipulation of the background, to the most interesting, in my opinion, use in Fifa, where the rear panel becomes the representation of the enemy gate to which you touch we will direct the ball to the right place A panel is one of those elements that are, but equally well it could not be It works and is used, but I have never felt that it was necessary In addition, it has its own portion of minuses

First, simultaneous operation of the touch screen and rear panel is in basically impossible and forces us to juggle the console Secondly, because the back of the console is the place where our hands usually rest, no it is difficult to accidentally activate functions that we do not want to activate rear the console panel also has rubber pads on it to keep ours paws away from the touch space and unfortunately, they fail all along the line There is also a second camera used mainly for the gardens of augmented reality Similarly to other mobile devices, Vita has a built-in one digital compass and accelerometers that together help to determine the console its position in three-dimensional space In advance, Vita has two bumpers, similar to those from the PSP, controls volume and power and two ports

One for games kept on small cards, and the other, for potential accessories The bottom of the console fits in jack in standard headphones, slot for custom cards Sony memory and a hybrid input for data transfer and charging console Playstation Vita has no UMD input from Playstation Portable, nor the ability to use its memory cards The equipment itself seems solid The elements are small, but not fragile, the device is well-balanced and comfortable to hold in your hands

The entire front panel covered is a full-length plastic protective layer emulating gorilla glass used in mobile phones After launching, the console greets us with a completely new interface, completely different from XMB known from Playstation 3 and PSP He operates inside the device 4-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 4-core GPU and 512MB ram and power beating from the device can be seen at a glance New menus based on round icons work smoothly and without cuts Each of the icons on the menu corresponds to one application

After selecting it, we are transferred to her LiveArea screen, which in addition to running it will allow us to view its manual, download an update, download extras, or see which of your friends also has a title LiveArea screens can be freely programmed The screen with Uncharted displays, for example, a forum and a gossip link black market, and Motorstorm lists the number of trophies won They are also a list of running applications At any time of the game we can press the Playstation button to return to the main menu and move after him without having to end the game

Some applications will let you open without forcing us to turn off the game, allowing you to multitasking, others will ask us to close it Return to the game from the menu no is associated with no additional charging time and switching between the applications during our tests took place as it should Gaming icons are also created for our games on cartridges After inserting it into the slot, play installs on our desktop and stays there even after removing it allows you to continue using her LiveArea, but at the same time significantly makes it difficult to navigate What's worse, there is also no indication of which one the game is now in the console, so we have to rely on our own memory, either use the trial and error method – attempt to launch a game that is not in console will end with an error message

Sony, however, promises that willing users do not have to pay at all bother with buying games on cartridges and all games the outgoing consoles will also be available for purchase straight from the level Playstation Store on Vita, in addition at competitive, lower prices The biggest obstacle to building our collection will be then, however memory As mentioned earlier, Vita does not have a built-in memory at all To download and save games, and for some, such as Uncharted, to run them at all, a memory card is required These are unfortunately extremely expensive

The cheapest, 4GB costs PLN 90, eight gigabytes, PLN 150, and the largest available in Europe, szesnatka up to 209 PLN They are, however a necessity without which the console becomes, at most, very expensive paper button Playstation Vita will also allow us to play our games with Playstation Portable thanks to the built-in emulator of this console Compatiblity with games is unfortunately not 100%, but Sony assures that it will expand in future availability of titles Because Vita does not have a UMD drive, this functionality applies only to games purchased through Playstation Store

These, once purchased, can be transferred to Vita for free IN plans are also to introduce the already known PSP game emulator Playstation 1 For now, however, this functionality has not been left available to users PSP emulation was tested at LittleBigPlanet and What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord !? and we did not have with them the smallest problems After touching the touch screen, we can open special menu, where you can assign additional Vity buttons or apply additional filters on the image to improve its appearance on the new one high resolution screen

At the time of purchase, there are several applications on the console A few more, in this set of widened reality games you can download free of charge from the Playstation Store Vita now supports the Playstation Network and trophies every game including built-in console The Welcome Corner has a set of cups to get Free games attached to Vita, or the aforementioned corner being a tutorial console support, as well as downloadable Fireworks, Cliff Diving and Table Football is a simple time killer, but it works very well in its role to familiarize with the capabilities of the equipment Augmented reality mode which these games use, works decently

I dare say that much better than its 3DS counterparts Camera without the problem was detected by the AR cards regardless of the position and position of the console even at medium lighting The answer to 3DSowy Street Pass was be near, an application for finding strangers Vits located in the area Unfortunately, the interface of this program is very much uncomfortable, the data received with it is often unusually imprecise or even wrong Navigating her is a nightmare and a total I consider it a waste of time for both programmers who wrote it and users who would use it

The Impreza application made a bigger impression on me, which allows use the head set or the built-in microphone to talk voice with friends of Vita The event travels with us not only in within a given game, but also in the menu and when switching between titles giving us a full global voice chat A big plus for Sony for this functionality The console is also built very primitive but fulfilling its task music and movie players Interestingly, our music, like chat voice can be played globally, also as a soundtrack for running game

We were made available to browse the network a browser that unfortunately does not support flash or html5 video tags he is quite decent with javascript and can not say without hesitation I can say that this is the best console browser, but considering zero competition, it is also not difficult Overall, it fulfills its task, but a lot is missing for the ideal Vita can take pictures and, after a recent update, shoot a video The quality of the recordings from the camera is unfortunately not amazing To transfer any files from the console to the computer and vice versa we must go through a complicated and very irritating process

Vita is not detected in computers as flash memory, and for data transfer we need a special one an application that will allow us in a limited, closed environment create a backup of our data or upload flims or music for the console This system has probably been implemented to make it to protect yourself from hackers, but unfortunately it hurts it quite a lot users The need to install software just to make it copy photos from the camera to the computer is an unnecessary obstacle and a big step back against the PSP The GPS version of 3G can also be used in the "Maps" application, which just like on the cells, it will allow basic navigation using console Maps are downloaded in real time from the network, so use of The application on the Wi-Fi model makes sense almost exclusively as a curiosity

The program itself is also far from ideal, so it will probably be used on Vita more as a toy than an actual application program The Vity settings menu is unfortunately extremely primitive and lacks in it many very basic options such as percentage status display battery or advanced configuration of energy saving By the way of energy, the Vity battery lasts about 4 hours of uninterrupted action Perfect for one-off trip, but unfortunately, the need to frequently recharge the battery it will quickly start bothering us Vita also allows you to charge via the port USB computer, but honestly faster would probably charge up with battery potato and I do not recommend using this option

The upper right corner of the console menu is reserved for notifications These include information about new messages downloaded in the background of games, or trophies won Pop-up notifications during games are unnecessarily large and can take up ¼ of the console screen effectively disturbing the game I would not take offense for the function of miniature notifications consisting only of a small icon or even their complete deactivation Overall, Vita's modular software seems well thought out, but in places he suffers from the early version syndrome

Here and here he lacks the key functionality, as the ability to turn off the annoying shop musician in the background of the application, marking the game in the console slot or some a convenient free space display on the card Annoying, but dictated by the mobility of the device is also a way of combining with Playstation Network Vita connects to the network only when it needs what it means, that every operation from a visit to the store by looking at friends, on Trophy sync will require you to log in again services Finally, let's mention briefly about the games themselves Of course, they deserve individual review, but at an angle the hardware is preparing a real treat

Graphics are honey for our eyes The quality of textures, but also geometry made a particularly strong impression on me there is nothing missing from the objects The loading time of these graphic giants sometimes hurts, Wipeout is a flagship example, but luckily most of it the tested titles, once launched, did not have major problems with keeping a relatively stable framerate The new Sony action is games Cross-play, which bought on Vita, will also unlock on Playstation 3 W add-ons can share saved games so that they start playing on one console, we can continue the adventure on the other

In other games, as for For example in Vit Wipeout we can race in a special mode with Wipeout HD users on Playstation 3 So, to sum up, Playstation Vita is a device with extraordinary potential True, it costs as much as Playstation 3, but it is unfair to compare it completely fresh product with a six-year-old grandfather Taking a new console at hand Sony already at first glance shows that the sum of components is worth indeed every zloty spent, but unfortunately, history teaches us that it does not guarantee it automatically the success of the equipment, and the value of gadgets put into it is not changes the fact that Vita is simply the way in the world About potential success it will not be decided by impressive power or a great display, but rich a library of games and their sale, and we will still have to wait for it

Playstation Vita is really a solid toy and a nice escape from the equipment set to an undemanding mass user hardcore players will find here ready network infrastructure, two analogues and a promise of development an unreleased operating system and functionality additional Backward compatibility is a nice addition, at the launching stage a console library with a few hundred titles, but a pocket blow in the form of necessity purchase of an additional memory card and high price games can be reason enough to scare away a lot of potential buyers In terms of pure hardware, however, without hesitation I find that Vita is a very successful console and worth of interest