10 Predictions for Today’s Playstation Showcase

Sony has been fairly quiet for a while now, and their last big Showcase was a couple of years ago. So, today’s Playstation Showcase event is their chance to knock our socks off with heaps of cool announcements, reveals and looks at everything they have coming over the next year or two.

Because it’s fun to speculate and dream about what might show up, I’ve tossed together a very quick list of 10 predictions for the show, some far more likely than others. I can’t wait to see if I get anything right, so lets just jump into it.

Spider-Man 2 Will Open the Show

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This is what I deem to be the safest prediction for the Showcase which is why I decided to be a little more specific by predicting it’ll be the first thing we see.

With everything point to Spider-Man 2 coming out in October or September then the Showcase is the perfect time for Insomniac to give us a proper look at what the highly anticipated sequel can do. They’ve seemingly squashed rumours of it featuring co-op, but I’m still expecting some sort of character swapping gimmick and perhaps even a brief look at Venom.

Why not check out my review of the first Spider-Man and its sequel, Miles Morales?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remaster/remake will be announced

The reports and rumours are piling up so high and so fast that there’s a genuine danger of someone getting crushed, so at this point I have to assume that a remake or remaster of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will indeed be getting revealed.

But there are still plenty of questions to speculate on. For example, what’s the nature of the deal between Konami and Sony? Recent reports indicate it will be a multiplatform game, but that there is some sort of agreement between the two companies. Is it just a simple marketing deal? It could be, but would Sony really want to feature a multiplatform game in their showcase? The other possibility is some sort of timed exclusive.

As for who is on development duties, I think it’s Bluepoint. The studio has handled the IP once before and built their reputation on remasters and remakes, including the PS5 exclusive Demon’s Souls.

Damn it, after I typed this I remembered that Bluepoint themselves said their next project would be something original. Maybe they are working on a Bloodborne sequel? That would count as original, right?

Astro Bot will return, probably as a new game for PS VR 2

Sony have already announced that the Showcase will have a chunk of its time dedicated to Playstation VR 2 and they really do need to make an impression on people if the fairly low number of PS VR 2 units sold is anything to do by.

Astro Bot first turned up on original PS VR before making the jump to PS5 in the form of the awesome little Astro’s Playroom that came bundled with every console. So far then, it has been linked with showing off new hardware, making Astro the perfect choice for the role of PS VR 2 mascot. The studio certainly deserves the chance to make another full-fledged game.

Plus, he’s cute as fuck.


Insomniac will also reveal a new PS VR 2 title

Speaking of VR, I reckon Insomniac might announce a new virtual reality project. They’ve released one previously and if Sony are serious about pushing their headset they are going to want their best and brightest leading the charge. Who better than Insomniac, the current crowning-jewel of their studios?

Of course, Insomniac are quite busy right now with Spider-Man 2 coming out and a Wolverine game in the works (which we might get the briefest of looks at) but lets not forget that the studio has grown to over 500 people, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they have a dedicated VR group diligently working on something to wow us all.

The return of Uncharted

[embedded content]

Back toward the start of 2023 Sony dropped a new live-action ad campaign that featured a bunch of Playstation games that were either already out or coming out soon, like God of War: Ragnarok and Spider-Man 2. It was pretty cool, but it also had something out of place: a brief snippet of footage showing a woman inside a tomb or cave, holding aloft a flaming torch and walking toward what looked like an ancient artifact.

That little bit of footage didn’t match anything Sony had announced and still doesn’t. It could be something brand new, but why make something that looks like Uncharted when you already have Uncharted?

So my assumption is that the woman in the footage is Cassie Drake, the daughter of Nathan Drake who appeared at the end of Uncharted 4. I mean, why else include the epilogue at the end of the game if not to setup for new era of Uncharted games with Cassie as the lead?

And because it was shown off at the start of the year, I think the Showcase is the perfect place for Uncharted to make its comeback. Plus, there’s the recent movie that did pretty well for Sony, and the PC release of the Nathan Drake collection.

Naughty Dog will show off The Last of Us spin-off

We’ve known about the existence of a The Last of Us spin-off for a while now with a lot of speculation that it might be a follow-up to Factions, which was the multiplayer component of the first The Last of Us game.

However, some of the wording that has been used previously might indicate its actually some sort of co-op game, which I find far more exciting. Either way, I think we’re going to see it. Don’t expect them to announce anything new, though, unless they drop a few hints or something.


New Playstation hardware

I don’t think we’re going to see the Playstation 5 “Pro” at the showcase, despite rumours that Sony are indeed once again considering a console refresh. The PS5 is only now readily available wherever you look and I think Sony might want to let everyone sit with the current hardware for a little while yet before announcing the beefier version.

We might more likely see the rumoured PS5 with a separate disc-drive that can be bought independent of the console. Not exactly a crowd-pleaser, though.

There is one other piece of Sony tech allegedly in the works. I am, of course, referring to the reported Playstation handheld console. Sadly the same reports state that it isn’t a successor to the Vita but rather a dedicated streaming device, a lot like what you can already do with your phone or tablet. And just recently Sony mentioned it would be getting all “aggressive” with its Cloud-gaming plans.

Personally, if the reports are accurate then I think it is a waste of time and money, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking we’ll see it at the Showcase.

Death Stranding 2

I’m a little unsure about this one because Hideo Kojima just loves to tease things but he’s been fairly quiet lately, potentially indicating that Death Stranding 2 won’t be making an appearance just yet despite being officially confirmed a while ago.

Still, Death Stranding was a big deal for Sony, both because the game itself was weird and wonderful but also because getting Kojima brings with it a lot of positive hype. The Showcase would be the perfect place to give everyone a glimpse of the sequel, and an excellent chance to plop Kojima in front of the camera.


Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay

The official logo for Mortal Kombat 1, showing Liu Kang against the classic Mortal Kombat symbol.

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Mortal Kombat 1 being shown, and I think it’s possible. Now, there are a couple of factors working against this: it’s not a Playstation exclusive nor does Netherealm typically favour one console over the other; and if they were going to show it off, why bother announcing it days before when they could have done it at the event?

With that said, the Showcase would be a fantastic chance for Netherealm to bust out some proper gameplay footage of their Mortal Kombat reboot which is due out in September.

Aaaaaaannd Everything Else

This one’s a bit of a cheat, but there’s a whole host of Sony studios who have been fairly quiet and might be ready to reveal what they’ve been working on. Although it doesn’t look like Ghost of Tsushima 2 is going to be there, we might get to see what Bend have been up to since Days Gone, whether Firesprite is working on a new Twisted Metal game and perhaps even a little tease of what Sony Santa Monica will be doing in a post God of War: Ragnarok world. Oh, and lets not forget Haven Studio’s multiplayer game.

There’s a lot that might make the Showcase and therefore a whole hell of a lot to be excited about. Bring it on.