The Last of Us: Part II | E3 trailer SK | PlayStation

I do not need these actions That's my call

Your old man has gone to me today What happened? Just another important lesson to guard Do not go here, do not go there It's funny to start taking care of whenever you go out Hey

Enough is done, what? I give you two weeks to come back to you That will not happen Did she tell you something? Or rather a week Hey, Ellie What did you take so long? Finally I'm here, are not I? Dino? Jesse

Come on Hey, do not forget that we're kicking off with the shit Get some sleep Yes sir Do not be such a cow

Come on, let me not get started I must ask you something very important How much do I smell you? Like mech manure in summer heat Oh, come on And what now? Ugh

Do you like it Every guy in the room is watching you now Maybe they are looking at you Where, not me Maybe you're jealous

I'm just a girl, not a threat Ellie, I think they should be careful about you Son of a bitch Do ryti Do not do it, please Not! Listen up… Fuck, no! No no no! Jesus! Divide yourself

Wolf! Wolf! Damn it Here, she ran into the grass Be careful Ethan? What is going on? Wolf, she went over To the grove

We're coming back Come You rat! Son of a bitch! Ethan! I can see her Here You know it's a sacrificial place

See, I told you, they should be afraid