How to stream 3DS Screen to Computer using SNICKERSTREAM

Snickerstream is now back from the dead You can stream your 3DS screen easily with this app All you have to do is install custom firmware on your console then run BootNTR and you are ready to go

This is my New 3DS XL And it is running custom firmware on SysNAND Now we need to install BootNTR We will use FBI to install it Make sure your console is connected to the internet

Choose TitleDB And then search for BootNTR Selector Then install it Now press any button and press B to return to the main menu then choose Remote Install Choose Receive URLs over the network This is your console's IP address and port number Make a note of this Press B twice then press Start to exit FBI Now run BootNTR Selector Open the web browser and go to this URL You can read what Snickerstream is from this page Click the releases tab and download the latest version of Snickerstream You can choose between 32bit or 64bit version Extract the package anywhere on your computer Then run it Enter the console's IP address then press Connect

If done correctly, you will see your 3DS screen on your computer You can press Up or Down to scale up or scale down the screen But you will start noticing some frame rate lags after scaling up the screen Let's try playing a game Too bad, you cannot use input redirection with this app for now This app is intended for streaming purpose only Thank you for watching this short tutorial I hope you liked it Please subscribe for more upcoming videos