How to Hack YOUR Nintendo Switch!

Hi, I'm CheatZ, and welcome back to another video Today we're going to be looking at how to hack your Nintendo Switch console! Step 1: Go onto your computer and download these necessary files

These are the files that will eventually go into the root of your microSD card There will be a link in the description to download these files Please follow as I do After downloading, you should be able to see all of these files in the folder Next, put your microSD card into your computer or PC

You may see a Nintendo folder in your SD card Ignore the Nintendo folder, it's really not that important What we're going to be doing in our SD card is that we're going to be copying and pasting all the files we downloaded a little bit earlier into the root of our microSD card, just like I show here For our next step, we need a way to get onto Recovery Mode (RCM for short) on our Nintendo Switch This allows us to run custom firmware on our Switch, in this case, The Homebrew Launcher

There are multiple ways to get on RCM mode on your Nintendo Switch, including using a 3D printed jig or even a paper clip However, in my opinion and many others, the easiest and definitely the cheapest way is by using tinfoill on your Right JoyCon You can't just put tinfoil on your Right JoyCon You have to put it in a specific place As you can see, there are teeny tiny pins on the Right JoyCon

The tinfoil has to be touching pins 9 and 10 Also, make sure you are holding the JoyCon the same way I am; the flat side to the right and all the buttons on the left Your final project should look something like this where the tinfoil is touching pins 9 and 10 Alright Now it's time to load into RCM Mode! Shut down your Nintendo Switch and put your modded Right JoyCon back onto your Switch Then, press the volume up and power button on your Switch, and hold them together for about 2 seconds, then let go You'll know if it worked if no Nintendo logo pops up on your Switch screen If your Switch boots up normally, try again or try moving around the tinfoil on your Right JoyCon

Next, you're going to need to download TegraRCMSmash There's a link on-screen, however, if you want to make it easier, there's also a link in the description You will also have to download this Payload, link on-screen However, you can also download it from the link in the description You'll be needing this to drag and drop on TegraRCMSmash later

Once you finish downloading both items, I recommend putting both of them on your desktop so you can access them easier later on Now, plug your Nintendo Switch to your computer using the USB to USB-C Cable Once your Switch is plugged into your computer, open up the TegraRCMSmash folder Inside You'll see a Win32 and a x64 folder These are referring to how many bits your computer is

If you are unsure, you can pick the x64 Inside, you'll see a TegraRCMSmashexe file Drag and drop your Hekate_Payload onto this file A quick pop-up should appear on your computer screen, and immediately after your Switch should have some options and logos pop up

At this time, you can eject you microSD card from your computer and put it back into your Nintendo Switch Once you've put your microSD card back into your Nintendo Switch, you can unplug your Nintendo Switch from the USB to USB-C Cable Use the Volume Up and the Volume Down Buttons on your Nintendo Switch to move up/down in the selection screen Use the Power Button to select that option We will be selecting the "Launch" option to start off

Then, we will select the "CFW" option If you did everything correct, your Nintendo Switch should appear to be rebooting up normally, however, you'll be running custom firmware, The Homebrew Launcher, on it If you did everything correctly, when entering the album, you should see The Homebrew Launcher Congratulations, you managed to hack your Nintendo Switch console! I understand there may be some questions regarding how to hack your Nintendo Switch, so, if you leave a comment or DM me on Discord, I will try my best to respond to as many questions as possible! All the files used in this video will most likely become outdated at some point So, I recommend joining the SDFilesSwitched Discord Server to stay up to date

They will announce when a new Payload and/or SD files come out, so you always can use the latest and greatest files There will be an invite link to the server in the description