Cooler Master H500M la torre PC GAMER PERFECTA RGB! (2018)

This is the H500M box from CoolerMaster Today you have the review of, practically, the fifth cabinet of the H500 series

Therefore, here I will teach you in depth everything you need to know about this new Half tower of CoolerMaster In this case and without a doubt, currently the H500M is the most complete of all, finding in both sides, top and front, a tempered glass finish And all this will be reflected in the price, since the H500M is the most expensive of all finding it for a price of € 200 But in general and from my point of view, it is a price more than justified to one of the boxes with better aesthetics, top of range of Cooler Master In all versions of the H500 we will find this huge front with two fans RGB 20cm each, which will have an air flow inside the impressive box

In this case, the H500M includes two interchangeable front panels, where we will be able to mount the front with tempered glass or with a bee panel Between these two frontals there are approximately 2 degrees of difference temperature, being the freshest bee panel In my case, I have decided to opt for tempered glass, thus increasing the aesthetics An atrocity On this same front, on both sides as you can see we continue having a great ventilation capacity And by the way, the two front fans of 20cm each fully RGB are included in the box next to the 14cm rear fan

In the same frontal part, but a little higher we find all the USB connections, in this case CoolerMaster already incorporates a fully updated front panel with 4 USB 30, and a USB Type C 31 These connections are accompanied by the power button in the form of the Cooler Master logo and two audio connections, one for the microphone and one for the headphones We also found a Reset button, which also includes extra functionality for change the RGB lighting of the front fans

In the upper part we find the same tempered glass finish This upper part can be removed to comfortably install fans or a cooling liquidate In my case, I installed Cooler Master ML 240R RGB liquid cooling At the top we could install without problems two fans of equal 20cm to the front or up to 3 fans of 12 and 14cm On the front, we have the possibility to add even a radiator for our liquid cooling of up to 36centimeters The installation is very simple, we should only remove both parts of the top to be able to install what we want with total libertas, and that is the CoolerMaster series H500, including this H500M, shines for its totally modular space

This means that we can strip practically the whole box, adding and removing the parts that We need at all times to make the assembly of our PC much easier In the lower part of the box we find two pieces to hide both the source of power, cables, and hard drives And at any time we can remove these parts if we would like Another thing that we should know, is that both sides have a tempered glass panel, so it will make it look very nice But do not worry about hiding the cables and ordering them, since the H500 series includes These cover-cables to hide all the cables and thus have a clean and beautiful style

Now we talk about storage of SSDs and hard drives In this case, we can add up to 6 SSDs in the box, and a maximum of 2 hard drives 35 " The assembly of both types of storage is very simple For SSDs we simply have to screw this style of screws to the same SSD and anchor them where we want Personally I installed 2 SSDs on the back panel of the box, and they look great The 3

5-inch hard drives are installed here, and with just a couple of clicks We have ready and well installed And to end the review of this cabinet of CoolerMaster we will go to the details We start with the detail of the support for the graphic card And they have included a small support to keep our card completely straight graphic and avoid double, thus damaging the graphics card and the motherboard This is a detail that I sincerely liked a lot

Another detail is these two vertical expansion slots This will allow us to mount our graphic card vertically The bad point of this, is that in order to install the graphic card vertically we must to buy an accessory of the same CoolerMaster, an expense more than perhaps not everyone will want to buy H500M is designed so that we can install a customized liquid cooling without problems, for that reason they include another detail more to screw without any problem the water pump right here An added that is appreciated

They also include this small hub to be able to connect the ARGB of the fans and thus be able to change the color of the lighting of our front fans with the Reset button But instead, we lose the same functionality of resetting the PC After seeing the whole box, we stop at the only bad point, and it's the USB type C The only problem I have had with this, is that the cable to connect it to the board base is too short and therefore I will not be able to take advantage of this connection A failure that perhaps some do not care, but others can discourage