Why I use a Playstation Vita in 2017 (2018)

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Thanks for checking out our channel today, and before we go any further just want to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving Here in the States it's Thanksgiving Day today, and that means no work So yay! So, uh, yeah, so today we're going to be talking about this guy, the PlayStation Vita It's just basically it's gonna be a video similar to the one we put up for the PSP where I'm just discussing why I still think it's a fantastic handheld, why I'm still using it when a lot of people have moved on, but yeah I'm still hanging around with this one, so yeah, we'll cut over, show you guys some of the games and some of the little accessories we got, and yeah we will hopefully talk some people into buying one, so thanks again for stopping by guys, have a good Thanksgiving and let's go check out the Vita Hey guys so here we are, we got the Vita here so basically I'll give you a quick 10-cent tour of the device we got the two analog sticks down here just like the DualShock controllors We got our d-pad and the EXO square triangle and couple shoulder bumpers here

Power button, volume down and up we got the PS Vita slot which is where the cards get put in so there's basically, uh, if this opens up so we have in here at the moment we have FIFA 14 so this is basically the size of the cards they're real small so let's just put this back in and the other slot here oh great, battery is almost flat so I better hustle then So next slot is the, uh, it's just an expansion port, so I guess, I don't know what peripherals came out for this I don't think there was really any, but I guess that was something they planned On the back side, this is just the touch pad so, like the DS had the front face and touch screen, this has front touch and also there's touch on the back so some games like Tearaway use the full features of the handheld also has gyro as well so you can tilt it and stuff like that but touch screen and touch rear screen as well and then we get the usual playstation home button, and just start and select So headphones in the bottom and that's pretty much it

Nice device This is the first model that came out so it's not, you know, it's kind of the fat version, if you will I really like this one this is my second one I did have the original first gen, eh, the sorry, the slim model, but one of the bonuses of the original model is that it has the OLED screen which when I turn it on in a moment you will see that looks good and also down here is where the memory card is going as well which kind of sore point these memory cards because it's the proprietary sony cards which I've got a 64 gb card in here but they're real expensive so ah oh let's just turn this back on so you get your home screen as normal here just every time you turn on you just get you know date and time and your wallpaper you can disable that and just take it straight to the game or straight to the, oh sorry straight to the home screen which is if i just peel that down, here is your home screen so I have things grouped in folders here and you can just swipe up and down as you see it's real nice responsive, so going in, games I'm playing you know I got FIFA 14 which is on the card, Lego Marvel Avengers that's also a card game I have and Wipe Out 2048

Ah, the rest of the games are all digital so they're just filling up my memory card and one of the real things things I really like about this is, see down here, I've got a couple of folders PS1 classics so any games I downloaded on my ps3 which have the, there are some PSP games as well, but this will run pretty much all the PS1 games that I've downloaded on my PS3 didn't need to rebuy them I just plugged my vita in and I download them and then I can just copy them over to the vita or can even use the Wi-Fi in this just to downloaded it direct to the device as well so more classics in here and they all run really well similar to the PSP you know I've get these games on the PSP as well but they don't take up a whole ton of space so and one of my favorites the SNK arcade classics there's about 15 games or so in there and just stuff that's on my PSP as well I just take this one everywhere and some golf and some Power Stone and some more Vita games and here Resogun is always good Haven't played Xcom yet on this but I have it on the PC and it's really good fun on that so So, the games, just ah, I'll just start something up here just so you can see so when you open up it just takes you into the next screen, and game comes up Uncharted is one of the, my favorite games on this system I played all the Uncharted games on the PS3, PS4 and once when I was waiting on, uh, the PS4 Uncharted 4 coming out, I knew it was coming but I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting and I was getting real tired waiting so I thought Okay, Need more Uncharted action and that was one of the main reasons I picked up the Vita just for more Uncharted and it didn't disappoint this is one of the best games on here so let's just cut to the chase here so yeah

Bend Studio They did a real good job with this And this is like a real console experience, you know, I know this is what they were aiming for, but not every game was like this and I think that was part of the reason it failed because they, ah, or it didn't fail, but it just didn't get the kind of traction that it should have, but I'm sure if more people played Uncharted, you know, would've change their tune, but I don't really know any other PSVita owners but everyone I talk to I'm always telling them, yeah, you gotta get this because it just plays so well yeah it's just really great console experience in your hand and obviously you don't always want that, so I'm just gonna and you just hit the play station button that just drops at the game you can either go do other things or you can just swipe it to close it So, I know that a lot of people have been modding their Vitas and that's fine I modded my PSP so I could have games kind of on the go and didn't need to rely on UMDs cuz the battery life was failing and that Uh, cuz the UMDs just drained it you know

So, I love my PSP This is basically just more of the same but I didn't go by way of modding because I didn't feel I needed emulators or things like that on there and I had so many games I got for free through PlayStation Plus, you know, it's like I don't really fully need to get more on there and one of the real selling points as well was the PlayStation 4 link, so I can open this up and then my play station 4 is actually off in the basement if, so if I launch that it should start the PlayStation it takes you to the Ps4 home screen just as normal or if it was in a game you know it will basically wake up the PS4 and then play it on here, which is fantastic I've been using it a lot you know I'll just go upstairs the bed, put this on and instant access to my PS4 Again, your mileage will vary with that depending on how good your Wi-Fi is, things like that, now and again I've had it drop off when I'm upstairs but when I'm in the living room and my ps4 is down in the basement, and obviously I'm closer than when I'm upstairs then it's perfect you know there's no pixelization no dropped frames things like that it just works fantastic so again people's mileage will vary on that one but this is one of the real features I have been telling people that have a ps4 even if you're not interested in the games for the vita you know the ps4 link is a real good selling point and there's the play station store as well so there's still a ton of games in there There's games I wanna play that haven't got to yet so that's that's my plan I'll be I'll be sticking with this console for a while It's just so good now some of the other accessories I have, is, i have a little stand here which has a charging dock as well so it just sits in nice and snug, charger cable goes in there and there's a kind of audio out as well so if you just want to watch a movie on this or put some music on in the background, you know, it's you can do that and you get your speakers as well so an official Sony charge cradle, so real nice

So the other thing we have is the PlayStation TV This didn't do as well as, oh, oops, didn't do as well as it should have but it's basically a Vita without the screen and you can plug into your TV so it's got the HDMI and it displays up to 720p so it looks kind of decent on the TV, you know it's not too bad again, takes the same memory cards so I have a bunch of games installed on here and when you power it on it looks just like the display that you're seeing here on the PSP, identical nothing nothing changed and again the ps4 link is on there as well so I had this hooked up to my PC monitor through the HDMI and when I wanted to play the ps4 I could just change the AV input in my monitor, launch the ps4 link and then, you know, the ps4 just streams upstairs to the the PC monitor, works again fantastic This also is the Ethernet port so if you don't want to rely on the Wi-Fi for the in-home streaming, you know if you can Ethernet it that's always going to be a better way to go, so, uh, yeah so this works fantastic there's no difference on this other than your whacking a touchscreen, so again it will take the cards as always but not every game is gonna work so there is a list online that if you pick up one of these you may want to consult the list before you go making purchases, just so you know because I know things like Uncharted don't work in this native way You would need to there is workarounds and I've seen people hack in these, ah, but I, uh, again, I've not, I haven't bothered with that There's, I've got more than enough games to worry about hacking this guy just at the moment, although it would be kind of fun just to see how they run, so yeah so we got this guy as well Highly recommend this even as I said even if you just have a Ps4, ah, it's, this for me is kind of just like a steam link or for the ps4 you know you can just stream it to another, uh, another con uh, another TV in your house Also works off-site as well you don't have to just stream within your home you could take the vita or the vita TV and stream if you're in a hotel or something Again mileage is gonna vary on that based on the Wi-Fi where you're at but I've tried it once or twice and I've had mixed results Sometimes it works quite well other times not so good so but again you know it doesn't do any harm to try if you have it then the last thing is just as I mentioned some games So we've got the Wipeout 2048 which usually that's always in the Vita

Again no instructions or anything you just get the card, the instruction manual is built-in so you can view it within the vita and then we got the Avengers game which kids love playing that Again no instructions they're on the card just the bare card, and FIFA 14 which we saw that was in and this time they give you a little map pamphlet so nothing to major But that's the only physical games I actually have for this, the rest of them are digital So that kinda wraps up the kinda little intro for the PS Vita here I highly recommend it if you can pick one up you know it's well worth the look, they're bringing games out for it and I'll be playing this for a long time to come yet especially I've got a video for Persona 4 Golden that's going up soon so that's a game I've got 30 plus hours in so far and I'm not even that far into the game so, uh, highly recommend this Vita It's just fantastic, you know, you throw in your bag, you go, and all your digital games are gonna be there and it just plays so well, so

So nothing but love for the Vita, go get one and yeah let me know in the comments if you have one, what your favorite games are, or if you're, you know, moving on from it, what your reasoning is, you know, I know the backlog of games I'm gonna be a hooked for a while, so well thanks for stopping by today guys I hope you enjoyed the video and as always if you want to comment like subscribe it's all appreciated so uh you guys take care have a good Thanksgiving and I'll see you in next video bye you