Traum-PCs für Gaming, Streaming und Content-Erstellung

How do you build a system for someone who already owns every system? It is so extraordinary! I'm speechless, that is a dream come true Oh my god, that's so much cooler as I thought! Fantastic! Is not that beautiful? Hello, how are you? I'm Don Wertz, responsible for the operations and Business Development at SCPS

SCPS is an innovative design and manufacturing Studio Our talented team consists of Designers, creative technicians, Engineers and digital artists I am Josuha Balster I am a project manager at SCPS Intel approached SCPS with a request to help them Design four unique cases for four unique influencers

There are Linus, Anne Munition, Aiekillu and Sevadus They are all unique in their own way That's why we had to look closely at these four influencers and all they matter in four different designs I am Linus Sebastian, I'm known for my YouTube channel Linus tech tips I think so first own PC only with 16 years built

But if I'm asked for it, I think the perfect look for a PC, an answer is impossible Because I appreciate the beauty of each one Phase we went through For example, an old gaming case, a tower, or if you go further back, take this classic styling and equip it with modern hardware These are things that I like To ask why Intel technology is important to gaming, This is similar to the question of why milk is important for cereals

Of course you want the games to run at the highest possible frame rate and this is something that will never happen unless you have a powerful CPU Without them I do not see that it is something that will happen in the future My name is Anne Munition I'm Twitch Broadcaster, what means that I'm practical daily video games broadcast live on the Internet I think I was about 23 years old when i first my PC assembled

I wanted to build a PC, to have better tools for my work With most of my experiences with Hardware audio always presents a challenge for me

I'm using a two-pc streaming setup, which means I can get the audio track from a PC to the Mixer and from there on the streaming PC must bring It's just it's very elaborate

I've seen some really interesting builds that combine two PCs in one case It would be really great, both to have it in a case, which I do could easily transport I'm Nabil, I'm doing I'm thinking about 6 or 7 years ago started to create YouTube videos and started with gaming My ideal PC I think it's reflected in every single device, that I built: it's minimalist, super simple

Cable management is my biggest enemy and I'm pretty sure that it's not just me I have always had problems laying my cables If we really talk about my biggest project about my dream setup then it would be one in which one does not know that there are any cables Just the screen, the desk, the mouse and the keyboard – that's it

And I think what I enjoy most about Intel CPUs is: We can do things today that I could not do three or four years ago I can play a game, record it and stream it all at the same time and without any interference with the things I do I'm Matt, on the internet also under the name "Sevadus" and I play video games on Twitch TV and I'm also the CEO of Nerdfusion I think I was 10 or 11 when I started to get curious and wanted to have my own computer And so I begged my father again and again, until he finally brought home a bunch of parts from the university and said if I wanted a computer, I would have to assemble it myself

After I had broken some things, I finally put the parts together and the system was running and I was really excited Oh my god, he is huge! It is a burger! I just realized it's a burger! Look, there is your name on it! I do not know if you saw it there is your name! I know, I saw my name, this is fantastic! They put a blinking eye on Neffy – that's so old-school! Hey, you say that like it's bad! That's crazy! My first impulse is: how do I take it apart? Yes, it is a projector

A projector on a mirror Oh my god, there's so much room in there! It's crazy, there are no cables really now ?! You have a 1 Terabyte Optane SSD boot drive, which is the coolest, what i have ever seen! That's a very cool surprise! Hello everybody, it's nice to meet you! Many Thanks! I am glad that you all like it! We had a big team at SCPS, great talented people in our workshop have put together these PCs

And it was really fun to meet you I love what the team did, for example the modern monitor to look retro! Why did you choose the 8086K with 5 gigahertz and six cores instead of the 7980XC? The 8086K in this computer is a jubilee chip from Intel, So we thought it would be fitting to include him in such a retro build and thus, so to speak, to close the circle I would also have accepted the argument that it really is a faster gaming chip, but that is also a very good reason For this we have built a special board, that reads an audio line on this side of the computer, so that everything you hear or even click with the mouse reacts to it That's really cool! I've noticed that everything for gaming is on this page, and everything for streaming on this

And he has my capture cards and everything I need which by default is not included with most computers That he already has a sound card and a capture card is really fantastic! You did an incredible job, it's all so great! I have never had an animated physical manifestation of Neffy, that's incredible! I just stared at him for a minute and followed the loop My life is my brand, it's my company, it's hard to say it's so cool, so impressive! We know that you also like to work on the computer, that's why Here are four screws that you can unscrew

Yes! and the whole computer lowers Really?! And the cables are flexibly hung inside so you can pull out the cables and when you're done and get the table up again, the cables are pulled back into the container, so you do not have to worry about cable management Oh my God! It's fantastic, again Thank you so much!