Nvidia Shield TV Review – The best Android Media Player?

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Today I'm wondering, could this possibly be the best Android Media Player? So the Nvidia Shield is a gaming console first, and Android Media Player second It has a 64-bit octa-core CPU with a 256 core GPU It comes with 3GB of ram, 80211AC dual band WIFI, and comes in 2 different sizes You can either get a 16GB version for $199 or you can buy the 500GB version for $299

I was actually surprised at how thin this thing is pulling it out of the box, considering what it has in it It has an inconspicuous capacitive power button that you just touch to turn on It has an infrared port on the front It has a rubber grip on the bottom so it doesn't slide around so much, and a really modern and cool LED light on top of it You're going to have your exhaust vent

You're going to have a MicroSD card slot, Micro USB port, 2 USB 30 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, an HDMI 20 port, and then your proprietary power port You can connect a USB 30 drive so even if you do get the 16GB version, if you already have a USB 3

0 drive laying around, it may make sense for you to just use that as internal storage and save yourself a few bucks So when you open the box you're going to get the Shield TV, a Shield Controller or gamepad, 2 micro USB cords to charge the remote and the gamepad, a high-speed HDMI cable, which will support 4k, and mine actually included the Shield Remote Control without any additional cost It normally would be about $50 but I think they're running some type of promotion I'm not sure if that's going to be a permanent thing but mine did come with a remote So the Nvidia Shield remote is going to have a really nice and thin design

It's going to have brushed aluminum on the back It's rechargeable So you'll have the directional pad here It's going to have the OK/Enter/Select button in the middle You're going to have your microphone at the top

You'll have your Back button, Home button, and then you'll have a microphone button, which can be used to do voice control, voice search, and enter text And even though you can't really see it, the volume button is capacitive so you're just going to slide your finger to turn the volume down and slide your finger to turn the volume up One of the cool features, very similar to some of the newer Roku boxes, the remote does have a headphone jack so you can plug in your own headphones and you'll have your micro USB port for you to charge the remote as well So the included gamepad is going to feel something like a toss in between an original Xbox controller and an Xbox One controller It is fairly comfortable, although no as comfortable as some of the newer consoles, but it works fairly well

You're going to have capacitive buttons on the front That's going to include your multi-function button, back button, start button, and home button You're going to have volume buttons on the bottom The gamepad does have a headphones jack so you can connect your own headphones and it has the micro USB port for you to charge it So this is running Android TV so the software looks fairly familiar to most Android set-top boxes

However, this one does support 4k, unlike some of the others You're going to have the search button You can use terms just like you would with Google Now You can ask it the weather You can say whatever you want

It shows suggested apps here It shows trending things You may not find it very helpful I know I didn't but it is there and it does show some things you may have watched previously as well Then you'll have your Shield Hub and your game streaming from Nvidia

Some of these are going to be subscription-based They do, however, have some free games so you don't have to pay for all of them Obviously the paid ones are going to be a little better Now keep in mind that not all Android games are going to be supported on Android TV so you may not be able to play everything, but it does have a good amount of games here So this thing does stream Netflix in 4k, unlike some of the other Android set-top boxes, which is very impressive

Not only does it do Netflix in 4k, but it also supports 4k for YouTube, so if you want to watch my videosin 4k, you can watch them on this device in 4k So you can also use Google Cast on this as well So if you want to think about how Chromecast works, you can just open up a video and cast it straight to your Chromecast, it works the very same way with this You're just going to open up Youtube, Netflix, or whatever you want, whatever video, and you can just hit the cast button and it will open it up on the Shield

Gaming on this thing is pretty cool I was fairly impressed by the graphics Although it's not going to have top-of-the-line graphics like something from PS4 or Xbox One, it does have very good graphics I was able to play games I didn't have any dropped framerates

The sharpness and quality was very decent The controller feels good in-hand It's very responsive So one of the main reasons I bought this thing is because for a long time I've been trying to find an Android Media Player that supports HD Audio formats So I've gone through all types of different media players, some from Tronsmart or Minix

However, none of them support HD Audio formats So Kodi has an experimental release that I actually found through a Google search and they supposedly have support for True-HD now and DTS-HD So I downloaded it and I was actually able to sideload install it right on to the Shield, which to my surprise worked perfectly So this is the very first time I've been able to get Dolby True-HD sound from any Android Media Player So this is a very huge plus for this thing

I've been trying to get this to work for a very long time I've got a really nice 91 audio setup in my basement and I've built HTPC's to make that work but I really wanted to use an Android Media Player just because it's cool and you can do other things with it like install certain apps and games Not only that but it's considerably cheaper The average HTPC is going to cost me about $600-$700

This thing costs $200 and I can do everything that I would normally do with an HTPC but in a much smaller form-factor and I'm able to do other cool things with it So if you like this video please make sure you mash that "Like" button Don't forget to subscribe to Majestechs, and as always, thanks for watching