(Leon) Ladies and gentlemen See if we're not back with a very special video this afternoon that is very hot, I'm Melting in this room here I left the door open for see if the air circulates, but not! So I'm going to sweat but this is a video About How to Tunar the Nintendo Switch Switch! You see my now, it does not look like the normal Nintendo Switch, so I'll show you how modify your switch and my accessories favorites And if you do not happen to have a Switch do not worry that this video will have something for you

This is my friend Switch modified If you repair it, it does not look like normal Switch That's because I've added three things in it that help protect or play better First, these colors you see

This is what they call the skin, which is something that helps protect the Switch from scratches and also customizes it to look different from the others Anyway, it's unique! This is a skin I bought from a company called D Brand She is not so quiet so apply, you will make some mistakes just like I did, only the final result is cool, it's good, it protects from scratching too, okay? But if you want to protect your Nintendo Switch really, mainly this thing here, which is the Switch dock to connect and on the television, you will need a screen protector Because? Because Nintendo's engineers, in all their wisdom, have made a dock on which you have to put your videogame Like this! Like this! This is from here to ask you to scratch the screen, like If you do it from here all the time, your screen goes away! To protect my Switch I'm using a glass film from a company called Orzli Orzly, what a name! It's simply a film that you put Damn it! My camera that just overheated, it's hot to hell here, it stops recording An hour later it's simply a film you put in front of your Switch and because of it glass, and not plastic, it gives additional protection Not only against scratches but also will protect a little against impact and finally I have this on the analog controller that helps me control The name of this is so thumb stick, those here are made by a company called Biogenic and type, just put on top of the analog that increases the friction of the analogue with finger makes it easier at the time of the control and also leaves the analogue slightly higher But now we'll move on to accessories But before a word from our sponsors and I said that there was something for the people that had no switch! But before continuing the galera we are here under tencent invitation to be able to talk about rina the Fleece is a five-on-five fashion arena game available for mobile that you can download play for free (Nilce) is a very easy game to play is for free to download you can click on the link that is here in the description now now (Leon) if you like moba this is a game for you but there is one more thing too, the characters of dc are playable in the Arena Of Valor type besides the traditional characters of the game you can also play there with Batman or with super man with flash who knows (Nilce) Day 29 these characters will be available for you to play and then you'll be able to keep one of them permanently in your account (Leon) low the game begins to play plays with the characters of DC and then and take you and the guys who are worried about save cellular data from an available Light version of the game also that consumes much less so go check it out if you have any concerns about this if that was the reason that you have not downloaded a MOBA on your phone yet (nilce) do not forget to talk about football (Leon) exactly has a football mode in the game video on the screen but I'll let you in there to find out so if you do not know the Arena Of Valor yet link in the description has over 200 million players (nilce) this game will be able to play with a lot of people (Leon) go there go there click there If you need additional protection because these skins only protect against scratch, will not help you against fall, you will wear something like that from here

This is a protective cover made by a company called Gtech, you simply fits the Switch into it Come on, my son, I still know how to do it! There, your Switch is thus much more protected with the advantage that this here adds some reliefs for the control that leaves the Switch economy much better It's easier to handle this from here because, like, the Switch does not have a very good economy But there's a problem with this case here, and we'll go back to that man here

The dock of the Switch with the case in It does not fit, so let's solve the problem with this dock! This is something to replace that! This is a dock by Switch that I bought from a company called Bsc Store I've seen a lot of bad history about these docks here, there are people who have even ruined the Switch because of one of these, only This one never gave me a problem

so the advantage you can turn it on your Switch and then you turn the Switch on the television It has a USB port, an hdmi output and also an input for you to connect power source so instead of you, like traveling with a piece of these here, you use only

just just that, okay? Just this little thing here, that fits wonderfully in your backpack You do not have to take the brick of nintendo and since we are in the topic of things to take on the trip with Switch, this one is the battery connection with the Switch It's an Anker battery from 29mAh But you must be thinking, I have power bank at home why would you use one of these and not other? Good question! That I did it myself and I will respond! This battery has a USB C The USB C output has a higher amperage than the USB A output, which we are accustomed to using, like a lot of these power banks that only have usb A, they do not even notice Switch charging while you're playing, if the Switch battery runs out, you have to plug your power bank and leave the Switch resting, to charge his internal battery, so you can play there With this one from here, you can play at the same time as you carry He stopped again An hour later With this one from here, you can play at the same time as he is carrying and he still Keep charging while you're playing

This goes for a very long trip, fine? Very long! But like you're on a journey, you've arrived at your destination, you want to play your Switch on a big screen, you need a control! Which control to use? SF30 Pro this is the 8BITDO FS30 Pro, is an alternative control to the switch I really like the Pro controller of the Switch which, like is made by Nintendo Except he's too big for the trip so I prefer to take this one from here, which is thin, is inspired by the control of super nintendo and in addition it does not only work with the Switch! It works with the pc too, so then, if I want to play a little game on my notebook, he serves two! Now for things a little more practical For the Switch source, I use the original source his The best way for you to ruin your device is by using an unofficial source! For hdmi cable, I use this from here monoprice Because? Because it is extremely thin, extremely easy to carry

Normal hdmi cable for comparison Eitcha, where? Cable thickness hdmi normal, Thickness of it It's a lot easier to take, okay? And for headphones if you want, you can use the your mobile phone I think it's mega from here If I am not mistaken it is the phone that came with my Galaxy note 8 And these S line headphones, the Galaxy line note, are very good because they are made by AKG, this one from here

heard that if you are to buy in the market, separate in the United States costs $ 100 It is there, above what you expect quality from a cell phone handset so it's good One accessory I really like to take with me is Elgato's CAM LINK Unlike playstation 4 and xbox one, you can not do live direct from Switch, type, other video games you can simply click the button, it's doing streaming! This one does not do that, so with CAMLINK, which I already showed here on the channel, you can connect the video game to your computer and make a live streaming I also have this small case to store the games, from a company called Hori, you can record twenty It stopped again Everything warming up here

all warming up! An hour later I also have this little case here, from a company called Hori, you can save 24 Switch cartridges in here, only I only have, like, five games then She's kind of empty, okay? And this one here is a Zelda case, which I really like Because? Inside it, besides having space to store games, it also fits, 'eita só', my Switch with that case gtech's protector, do you know that? So It fits in here, okay? Then you take your Switch happily, beauty? So that's it folks, this was for you my nintendo Switch tuned

I hope you have enjoyed it Do not forget to leave a joinha down there now, click here to play the Valor Arena I think I'll see you guys next time, bye!