It looks new new Hi-Fi Rush content is coming

New content for the Microsoft and Tango Gamework’s surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush looks to be incoming, with the obvious speculation being that it will be shadow-dropped at the upcoming Xbox Showcase, just the like Hi-Fi Rush was originally announced and launched on the same day back in January. The fact that such an excellent game appeared out of nowhere got the Internet buzzing, so why wouldn’t Microsoft and Tango want a repeat performance?

Word comes via the ever-helpful r/GamingLeaksandRumours page where Reddit user GGP3 posted up that they had spotted ten new achievements for the game listed on SteamDB.

A quick check of the page does indeed show ten new achievements have appeared for Hi-Fi Rush, each listed as TBA. The game’s already viewed as quite tricky to 100% complete due to you have to play through it multiple times on different difficulties.

[embedded content]

Given how much of a success the game has been in terms of audience reception (it’s far harder to gauge commercial success due to Microsoft keeping numbers close to its chest) it’s hardly surprising that we’re going to get more content for the game, and will hopefully see a full sequel somewhere down the line. A lot of people have speculated that we might get to play as some of the other characters, too.

As I mentioned earlier, the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th seems like the obvious place and time for the new content to be revealed, and I fully expect it to be available immediately. While it won’t have quite the same impact, it’d still be a solid way to get people talking.

Hi-Fi Rush is a superb game and I still plan on reviewing it at some point, so this new DLC might be the perfect excuse to get back to it. The only question left, is what we’re getting? A new piece of story content, a playable character, new modes?