Firewall Zero Hour – Defending 101 | PSVR

FATHER: The laptop location is compromised Protect it at all costs

PLAYER 1: All right They're breaching; they're breaching PLAYER 2: I got gunfire DAMOUN SHABESTARI: Firewall Zero Hour is a 4V4 multiplayer VR shooter ADAM ORTH: As the defender you are hired to ensure that attackers do not get the hack and take the information off the laptop

JOSHUA OCHOA: Your goal is to basically stop the attack at all costs DAMOUN SHABESTARI: When defending I really like shotguns and mines I really want to have items in my loadout that are trap-focused C4 and mines are really good to have You want to set those up in hiding spots

The beauty about VR and setting up traps is that you're physically wanting to aim and place that trap You want to be as unpredictable as possible Once a door blocker is placed, the enemy has to either tear it down or destroy that door with a C4 charge And that creates a lot of noise So as a defender when you set that up, you at least have a little bit of time to anticipate an attack of an enemy

JOSHUA OCHOA: When playing Firewall Zero Hour, I love playing as a defender My particular strategy is to set traps and then get into a nice back hallway or corner depending on the map I try to lure the other team into my trap essentially When using the smoke grenade, it is intense I mean, you do not know if there's one guy, two guys, or three guys that are coming after you

Once you see those lasers come through the smoke, you either run or you fight for your life