Cosa fare per migliorare le prestazioni del computer per il gaming

Hello and welcome to our support channel Are you a person who uses the PC to play? Here are 7 things you can do for maximize your gaming performance Update the drivers: go to our support site and enter the Service Tag or search for your product, choose driver & download, and in the category drop-down menu choose videos to find and download video card drivers

Then look for any new chipset drivers You can also click on Detect Driver to find the available Drivers automatically Adjust the Windows settings To increase the speed of the disability system a bit the visual effects of Windows; in the search bar type performance and select change the appearance and performance of Windows In the visual effects tab put the check on "rule to get the best performance" so as to disable all the choices

These visual effects are mostly decorative but if you really want to keep some active select custom and check those you want At the end click on apply and Ok Obviously close all non-gaming applications to free memory and increase processing capacity; be sure to close everything including web browsers Also with the new versions of Windows 10 you can activate the game mode of Windows We had created a video dedicated to this theme; you can find the link in the description

Rules the game settings For each game normally an own menu dedicated to the graphic functions is available; the regulation of these settings will increase or decrease the frame rate, this will act directly on the quality of the details Using the official applications of the manufacturer of your graphics card your computer will be scanned for all installed games and will create a profile of optimal settings for each game based on your system configuration For computers with nVidia use "Geforce Experience" and for AMD computers, use AMD Radeon Software Crimson Update your components

It is necessary when updating always consider compatibility; to find the correct documentation for your system go to our dellcom/support website, enter the service tag or search for the template and click on manuals and documents Open the user manual and search for technical specifications; here you can find what kind of memory, processor, video card is compatible as well as the limits for memory and hard disk and much more You can also find the part dedicated to the removal and installation of the components Before updating, it is important to know that there are some guarantee limits: all new products purchased from Dell are covered by Dell warranty, but if you buy components from other stores or suppliers, this part will be under the warranty of the manufacturer or seller

Whenever it is necessary for the computer it is strongly recommended to follow the precautions to prevent electrostatic discharge Watch our video to learn how to download static currents; find the link in the description GPU update or video card Modern games require powerful GPUs, so doing this type of update gives you usually the biggest boost to gaming performance That said, the GPU upgrade is also the most expensive option and it is also only workable on desktop computers; it is rare to be able to change the video card of a notebook, but some Alienware models are able to use the Alienware external graphics amplifier from Dell

Disk update: if you are tired of wasting time staring at the screens that are loaded consider switching to Solid State Drive or SSD; SSDs are much faster than traditional Hard Disks, moreover anything else installed on the SSD will have a significant increase of speed, including the Windows operating system Update of the RAM memory The games have recommended and minimum RAM specifications; satisfy the minimum will allow you to be able to play, but having the recommended amount of RAM will give you a better one gaming experience To meet the recommended requirements it could be you need to add more RAM to your computer A RAM upgrade will also allow the computer to run multiple programs at the same time So, in both cases, it is a complete investment and not just for gaming Whenever you need help either I would have some questions you can always add us through social media on Facebook or Twitter, or with a comment below; consult our others videos on this channel and if you liked this video put a like Do not forget to sign up Hello and see you soon!