PlayStation 4 PRO Kutu Açılışı (Unboxing)

Yes, I've been waiting for a while since the PlayStation 4 Pro was finally released And soon we will open the box, but I have to say: The price of this device is 1699 TL now on sale

The storage capacity is 1 TB and at the same time Jet Black color What's in the box? Let's take a look at them Here we see the Sony Warranty Document Also a booklet with some information about the PlayStation 4 Pro And another booklet

So, what's going on out of here? Of course the power cable from here You can also charge the gamepad USB charging cable A headset for voice calls And what do we see here? Of course gamepad There are minor differences in gamepad The texture of the new gamepad makes it easier to hold But it's the same as the PlayStation 4 gamepad

Now let's come to the box Yes, now we are the most crucial point PlayStation 4 Pro finally in my hand!! Yes, you can find the PlayStation 4 Pro at the price of 1699 TL on the market right now In the meantime, it's worth remembering: Of course, you can play PlayStation 4 games when you buy PlayStation 4 Pro Once you've said that, let's end the box opening video gradually Please do not forget to subscribe to the channel so I will already be reviewing it in my channel very soon Thank you for watching

Goodbye now!