PlayStation 4 PRO – INDIAN

Hello Judge by video title and according to what I have here on the table it's probably clear to you what the video is about today We talked about the PlayStation VR together we were doing the livestream and the livestream awaits us a lot more because on PlayStationVR surprisingly comes out just as we prophesied and predicted so there are plenty of exciting AAA games

We are all reviewing And you already know very well how much the VR will actually come to you Let's look at something more specific what drives the VR and the game itself are the consoles themselves and the PlayStation 4 this autumn, or this way before Christmas Coincidentally, why could that be? She was waiting for such an interesting remake Playstation 4 Pro is interested in editing the console, mainly because it's a PlayStation4, just getting rich Games on the original PS4 experienced FPS failures in some scenes on the PS4 Pro, they finally go as they have And maybe it's a graphics card which has seen a huge increase Although from a technological point of view CPU, a processor, is practically identical not entirely but practically identical

Graphics card was incremented at least 3 times Well, some experts say that only twice but it's important that PlayStation Pro is cool 4k So I do not understand why we have it here Do not take me wrong, we're glad Sony gives us a review of a new piece of hardware it is better to have a good machine for reviewing, as they say But 4k ?! Seriously?! By the time we finally got to adapt like Indian and a whole bunch of other media on FullHD 60 frames per second They have to come up with 4k So today I can show you a maximum of unboxing and how it goes to FHD But I can not show you 4k because 1

we have no monitor and for the 2nd one we do not have a card that would be able to record in 4k so we can not just take the shots in 4k so What am I talking about? Joo Let's get it out Here it is still important to mention, that this version of PlayStation Pro comes out in the black version – Jetblack and also has 1 TB disk Beautiful console I would have left it even in that package because, I like it like I do not do anything about it that he does not scratch and so I do not know if you have the same when I open up anything new so I'm terribly afraid of maybe folding the foil I remember the notebook where I was the foil he had a good month across the screen but, I understand, you need to make progress, well

So O I read it, yeah so, unfortunately here I do not have to compare size PS4 as such because she has an editor at the moment Ehmm That means, at the moment, I think of her with Gel and reviews the VR games so I can not compare how big it is Actually I can It's a little bigger than the original PS4 So, if you are looking for a device that is stronger than the original PS4 and is less than PS4 so no, it's not a console from the competition but it's PS4 Slim PS4 Pro, as a console should probably be for the players who really think about playing really seriously Whatever bothers you, the FPSek falls down on those few scenes here is important to mention that Sony at the certification process which the games are going through they give the power to depend on all the games even on the original PS4 they ran well So they will try to optimize they will try to force the developers to all the games were running Classic 2 USB front 1 USB at the back and HDMI to connect it all together

That is all As for accessories which is to it so just in speed You get the headphones probably to the driver and the driver and HDMI Hey, that's great so it is nice I will not have to find another HDMI Great Okay, let's get it down PlayStation Pro is here for those players who want a bigger FPSka in more challenging games or who already have 4k screens respectively televisions and / or predominantly for games that support HDR because the difference between the graphics cards really is It is important to know that whether you choose PlayStation4 PlayStation 4 Slim or PlayStation Pro 4 Sony takes care of all of them and that's what I think is the most important thing for players

All 3 consoles of this generation they also work with PlayStation VR so there is nothing to solve Once again thanks to Sony for getting PlayStation 4 Pro into the editorial board Soon you will see some nice new games, Well, follow Indiana for more news we will see you very soon Hey!