DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 – CLARK (PS4 Slim)

DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 – CLARK (PS4 Slim) That was by far the most boring party I've been to in the last 25 years Every time I go to one of these I ask myself What the hell am I doing here? I hate cocktail parties and all the Schmoozers that go there Well, it's a chance for all those people who admire your work to meet you And no one gives a damn about are All they care about is how much money they're gonna make out of it Come on let's have a drink or the excitement that this whole thing has made me thirsty Scotch neat as usual Absolutely

Okay, but you know what your doctor would say? Yeah, well he can kiss my ass I'm old enough to choose my own medication Did you leave the light on a studio no, no, I'm sure I didn't call the police This is Carl Manfred's Android at 89 41 Lafayette Avenue, we've just returned home and found the lights on there may have been a break-in Let's go check it out Leo What are you doing you refused to help me so I'm helping myself that's crazy what some people pay for this shit don't touch him Look, they're all gonna be mine sooner or later anyway Just think of it as a down payment on my inheritance mom Please get him away from there Get him out of here We've reasonable this isn't gonna get you anywhere All you ever do is tell me to go away What's Wrong? Dad? Not good in the field Not perfect It's like this fucking thing Dutch enough get out right now

Mr Special Anyway, huh? What's it? Marcus don't defend yourself You hear me? Don't do anything Go ahead hit me what you waiting for think you're a man act like one Doesn't matter too much of a pussy stop it lil It's gonna fight back you fucking bitch Oh Right, that's right

I forgot you're not a real person you're just a fucking piece of clown alone Oh Destroy my spoon am I dead I'm gonna tear you apart Nobody's gonna give it Cuz you're nothing you hear me You're nothing Carl no Carl It was Roger machines Leave okay, please Don't call don't leave remember buckers Don't let anybody Tell you who you are No, no dad No, please Was this all your fault this never would have happened if it weren't for you The Android who's the Android