PS4 slim and pro now have access to usb 31 ports

They both retain 1 Gigabit ethernet port The Pro's third USB port is likely to be very useful for anyone planning to connect a PlayStation VR since the returning Move Controllers each need a USB port for charging Meanwhile the PS4 Pro upgrades the original PS4’s HDMI 14 port to 20 which is vital for its support for 4K

Both Models get a boost in bluetooth and wifi5Ghz for wifi and blutooth v 40 Ps4 slim has the same specs as the original ps4 but the main difference is in the graphics processing unit Ps4 pro outclasses slim in this section with 2 times more powerful gpu

In, other words specific games that were facing the problem of maintaining fps will not have any issue another advanntage of it is that it displays 4k resolution together with HDR supportThe latest update firmware includes HDR support in all ps4 systems In Cpu unit there is no changes in slim while pro has been increased with 30% boost going from 16 to 2

1 ghzIn addition an extra Gb of ram is added for non gaming apps like Netfilx meaning they won't take up space of ram meant for gaming which also leads to much faster switching between applications Next is its power consumption Ps4 slim can with draw to 165w max during its heaviest gameplay session While ps4 pro goes to 310w No worry bacause 250 w its negligible hence pro will not cause any problem

Of course the higher the specs the higher the priceSome people may got stunned because optical out has been removed in ps4 slim All things considered, if you are a gamer that likes neat and clean area with stylish things in it you should definite ly go for ps4 slim as it is small,quiter and cooler however, if you already own a standard ps4 there is no reason to upgrade to slim as it has some advantagesIf you don't care about the size of any console and own a 4k tv then go for ps4 proalso note that the improvement in specs of pro is due to the upgrade to 4K resoloution as well as the disc drive

thee disc drive doesn't support ultra 4k, limiting it to 1080p Sony always reveal their consoles slim editions These slim editions only have some physical changes how ever not changing their functionality Now ps4 slim and pro are the latest gen consoles which will trouble some people with purchasing themAnd i will tell you today which one is the right one for you