How to make DS Games look better on the 3DS

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new video series known as "Quick Tips" This is the first episode of many more to come Today's tip is to get the original resolution for DS games for the 3DS

If you didn't know, the 3DS's resolution for DS games is upscaled rather than being the crisp and clean resolution of the DS So that's why many DS games look piss and poor on the 3DS This will fix that problem So first you want to hold the "Select Button", and then hit the "A" button And there you go, you now have the original size of the DS

Let's now do a comparison between the DS Lite and the 3DS I'm now going to load up uh Mario Hoops 3 on 3 It's now loaded Okay now to gonna grab my DS Lite The hinge on my DS is broken So this is the side-by-side comparison

That little black thing right there is just because my DS Lite's screen is a little broken