Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombies: Blood of the Dead | PS4

Was stumbling around in total darkness part of plan? You give us the fire; we'll give 'em hell Do not speak so lightly of hell

Easy, Tak I didn't mean the real thing Gentlemen, we are here Where have you taken us? We should be closer to the lab No matter

It's this way if you please You're late Doctor Doctor, is there a problem? Two for each of them Survival depends on it You remember So much to do

The opening of the gateways Are you sure you're not getting confused? You'll be needing this The Kronorium? But I've already read it Read it again What is the meaning of this? The pages have changed

They — our blood — my blood You cannot possibly expect me to let this happen! You son of a bitch! Let me guess, you're not gonna let us in on what that was about? Would explain why you have people in freezer We are leaving Asshole [MUSIC PLAYING] There

Get to the portal! Now! Scheisse I will be reborn My god What happened? What have I done? Move it, doc Pre-order now and get access to the private beta