Splatnews#59 Nintendo Switch Online y el posible fin de la era de Splatoon 2?

[Sorry for my cheap english] Today is Monday and like every Monday ok maybe today will be a diferent week This week has been full of a lot of surprises and mystery mixed with some agony Rumors, leaks and other details related to 60 update of the nintendo switch were shown with many interesting changes like new possible avatars a large arsenal of compatible controls and above all the new addition that will have the next nintendo online switch system that will enter fully this month It seems that time has flown since that notice was given two years ago and that dreadful month that we saw very far after so many postponed dates has arrived so that's it my octo-squids the month of the paid service of Nintendo Switch Online has arrived as we know the main function of Splatoon 2 and from the main square you feel the commotion, the agony almost as if it were "the end" for many users since for the first time in the history of nintendo the online system will stop being free and sincerely many users including me, we are not used to using these practices whatever the console or company either because we used to play more single-player games or it does not cost us economically, or just seems ridiculous whatever is the cause, many users are already saying goodbye to splatoon 2 forever in which between separating some friends you will no longer feel the same motivation to play for some users and adding to it still that there's some free popular options Evidently maybe it will feel a tremendous loss of users maybe for the next few months probably from here to December when SSBU arrives, but obviously the concentration will be in SSBU so maybe it points that the golden age of splatoon 2 has gone unless the laboratory surprises us with something really too good that motivates us to pay extra +20 dollars and knowing that there is still an octo expansion with the same price and many of us still have planned to buy it puts them in a very difficult situation since you have to pay almost double the base cost of the game if you want to enjoy the full experience of spaltoon 2 and that maybe demotivates and makes us turn to see other options we know that this is quite common in the world of online videogames That is why sometimes we do not even bother to give them a chance to those games created by companies that already have a bad reputation of wanting to sell everything in parts and that about a year relaunch the same version of the same game with all expansions, maps, xtras and all the dump that sold in parts in its first months The safest thing is that splatoon 2 will do something like this if the casualties become critical which would be doubly regrettable for those who paid the initial expansion and especially to give free an greateful experience that we know in advance is worth much more than any other map or xtra package that usually include other online games, and all for having to compete with these games that many of them are usually still managed in platforms without the need of subscription such as the PC thing that surely we will never see in splatoon 2 or at least in a legal way probably in the future since we sadly adapted to this practice and everything will return to normal but it will not be denied that during this transition things will be very difficult for splatoon 2 Even so, we know in advance that Nintendo and the laboratory are not going to stay with their arms crossed, they have surprised us a lot and surely they will continue the hype! with great novelties for this saga as they have always done For now the only thing that has been showed is that the stage Starfish Mainstage is now entered in remodelation Showing us this image with some planes, which seems to be that this will expand a bit also there are small rumors that's because it is an iconic scenario, there's may be a great opening concert but being realistic

it is not the first time that this map has been remodeled The official account mentions that this remodeling will be considered as the "new map" of this month subtracting the number of rotating maps in the end of this remodeling that is expected before September 7 also the new arrival of the weapons of each month While in another small filtration revealed that possibly the next scenario that will be remodeling is the Ancho-V Games, probably in some future update is a little strange that the new attachments of this month are delaying too much

something that the laboratory is aware of this and shows us with this endearing image of an ground-color octoling mentioning "please wait" something that is not normal so as I mentioned I do not think that the laboratory stays with its arms crossed knowing that an immense number of users is approaching maybe they're going to surprised us with something much more than new weapons and remodeled maps Although if it's not it will not be denied that splatoon 2 has given us a lot and personally I think has been fair with the users

updating with new clothes, new weapons, new maps, new game modes and endless memorable events and experiences throughout his first year completely free something that not any online game even those that are free can afford to give especially in this cyber-marketed world of today just simply for this game is the main reason why I feel it is worth paying online (for me) not because I'm interested in continuing to play online, or free NES games, or saving my files in the cloud that is already very valuable extras for less than half the price of what other services are worth but it's not because of all this it's just that I feel that this game deserves it I've made more than 59 videos that demonstrate this game has not stopped surprising us with content, hype and surprises week after week which I have said several times in a very impressed way I never think I was going to create so much content focused on just one game and knowing that there will be more investment and capital for servers and maintenance surely these updates will continue with more and more content worthy of appreciation as it has always been a except you (insert not-healthy words in spanish) but far from that I think that everything that gives us this great saga has been worth appreciating in a few words I feel that it has fulfilled Although the "golden age" has probably passed I do not think Nintendo is going to left one of its greatest successes in Japan I trust that now with this service will come many more interesting things to bring back old and new squids, octos, salmons, jellyfish, cucumbers, phones

wharever Splatoon has always been radically surprising saga, and you never know what we can see tomorrow or in a year except the waifus ok no D ,: (kidding) But for this and much more I feel that it is an experience that is not lived like in any other game Although this misfortune of the future hurts me to support the online paid services that since I saw it the first time

I never thought that one day I would have to reflect on it, but the future in videogames is irremediable And I know there's will be more than one who will not to agree and with the whole damn reason I fully understand because if it was not for splatoon, maybe I think it would not even occur to me to pay for this service and I know others will do it for other great online games and other that are coming whatever it is, we are less than a month and I felt that it was time to reflex it with you is that why I am interested to know now your opinion of this Will you continue in splatoon 2? Will you consider it later or look for other options? Do you think that the "golden age" of Spalton will be over or another bigger is coming? I invite you to leave your opinion in comments box And I invite you to subscribe in you like more "splatoonera experience" in "splanish" XD Thank You for read I am the daza and wishes you a fantastic woomy-veemo day!