Microsoft helpfully highlights how many Playstation Showcase games are coming to Xbox

Companies just love to poke and prod each other, and considering the current beef between Sony and Microsoft over the latter’s attempts to buy Activision-Blizzard and the formers many attempts to stop them, it’s no surprise that they want to poke and prod each other more than normal.

And so it was that Microsoft took to Twitter last night after Sony’s Playstation Showcase event to helpfully point out how many of the game’s shown would be coming to their console. Look, they even made a helpful graphic! Someone must have been seriously quick with MS Paint.

Nine games in total may have been sporting the Playstation logo but were also confirmed to be coming to other platforms. Most notably, one of those games is from Bungie, a studio owned by Sony and formerly owned by Microsoft. And also Activision, funnily enough.

It’s a slightly petty but ultimately fair jab at a Showcase that was actually surprisingly light on Playstation first-party exclusive games. With so many big name studios under Sony’s umbrella having been quiet for a while, many people, including myself, were expecting at least a few more of them to step up to the plate and provide a glimpse into Playstation’s future.

Microsoft has their own event coming up in the next few weeks, giving them a chance to counter the argument that Xbox is entirely lacking in exclusives, so they might want to be careful about throwing things while standing in a glass house unless they fill their event entirely with exclusives. Although considering the insane roster of studios they have, perhaps that’s not too far fetched.