Spider-Man 2 sold 5 million copies in just ten days

In the latest financial report from Sony it was revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 managed to sell an astonishing 5 million copies in just ten days. By comparison, it took the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game 100 days to achieve the same sales figure.


But although impressive these figures don’t quite topple the king, or should I say, the God. According to the financial report, God of War Ragnarok managed 5.1 million sales in just five days.

It does make Sony’s title of “fastest-selling” game a little tricky to judge. When God of War: Ragnarok launched Sony hailed it as the fastest-selling PlayStation game ever, taking the title away from The Last of Us Part 2 which managed 4 million in two days. And then just days after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launched Sony proclaimed it the fastest-selling PlayStation game ever, even though these sales figures suggest that title still belongs to Kratos’ latest adventure.

It all comes down to Sony’s metrics. exactly how do they determine what fastest-selling actually means? Presumably, it’s the fact that Spider-Man 2 shifted 2.5 million in just one day that earned it the crown, but we’ll probably never know because Sony hasn’t released any information on how many copies its other titles sold in their respective first day of sale.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, The title is just for marketing purposes and doesn’t affect us consumers. Still, as a bit of a number lover, it bothers me a tiny bit that I’ll never really know the truth.

Meanwhile, the financial report tells us that Sony sold another 4.9 million PlayStation 5’s in the last quarter, bringing the console’s total to a respectable 46.5 million. They also reported increases in both revenue and profits over the last year. In short, Sony and PlayStation are doing just fine heading into the Christmas period, although now that Spider-Man 2 out the PlayStation 5 roadmap is looking a little empty. Hopefully, we’ll hear from Sony soon regarding what we can look forward to in the coming year or two.