PlayStation®4 허락을 위한 분명한명분 ep.1

So, you want PlayStation for the wedding gift huh? Nno Ok~ We're running out of budget, I can just give up washing and vacumn machine It's fine~ Then we can buy PlayStation with that money, right? Did you forget who I am? I'm You dahee, You know my name! Somebody help me! "Lame persuasion will lead you to death" You have earned a trophy

Reasonable Justification to obtain PlayStation 4! 3 months before the marriage This is my PlayStation I bought with first salary Of course, I planned to bring it to marital home but You gonna bring it where?? You gonna take it where?! Poor my family was crying over and over behind me We have so much money to burn, right? My beloved Fiancée pissed off so badly, And now I'm surrounded by enemies on all sides I was terrified so I wrote my story on community site I got a wife

then I lost my PlayStation Dude, That's why I don't get married Forgiving is much easier than getting permission Just buy it It didn't help me at all as I expected besides We will get that permission instead We can give you private consultation with your detailed information

Please leave us the comment ASAP *^^* – by Team Dualshock What? They can get a 'PlayStation' for me? Bollocks, Let's be calm My wedding is coming up soom, But my Fiancée isn't allowing me to buy PS4 Permission is the technology

We do have professional skill to deal with that problem What the? Why are they too professional? Team Dualshock analyzes 365,456 of countless advantages of PlayStation which can be applied to our client Isn't that too much

? Success rate 100% so far! Furthermore? we won't charge you! Then, Why are they doing this? Because PlayStation is our reason to live for! Too weird but I love it! Nothing will be impossible with these members! Let's get it! "Encountered my teammates" You have earned a trophy So I entered into conversation with them using the headset Let's begin our mission tomorrow

Sorry? Tomorrow, Yeonheedong Café, 7 pm Come with your Fiancée with bank book and credit card bills bank book? By the way, how can I recognize you, agent square? You will know Me, with a feeling of doubt and uncertainty, met first Dualshock member who can make my dreams come true!!! "A savior has appeared" You have earned a trophy