Hello, my beautiful people this is kodi best build back with You, again, with another amazing

Video So, today we're gonna review A great build for kodi 176 build krypton any Version 17 any version of kodi, krypton 17 you can get an install this great bill to your kodi And enjoy watching movies and tv shows on your amazon, fire stick or nvidia shield or any other device So guys first don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the facebook, group, and facebook page and follow Me on twitter and instagram and don't forget, also to visit, my website for more informations So hey guys Today we're, gonna install the cinema kodi build 4 from the steven tv wizard Cinema kodi build is a great kodi 176 build working, well without, any, problem it works on cody 18 on xbox one or? Any other device and working on kodi krypton on so that is to get the cinema bill click on settings then Click on on system settings and check if you allowed and now unknown sources right here go to add-ons, and Allow, your unknown sources to install any add-on or any bill to your kodi Press back and here go down to file manager Click on it and the guys if you use to install a lot of builds and things You, will get your files right here if you don't Use to install anything You will get only profile directory and add source double click on add source then click on done and Copy, and paste this address right here To, not miss anything click on ok, then

You guys can, name it steven Or you can, name it whatever you, want click, ok? Then guys, press back, and back one more time to the home page here or scroll down And click on add-ons as you can see right here then click on this little box right here guys i Wish you a good monday yoshi a good starting of the week? And be happy and enjoy it he'll just click on install from the file and then choose Steven as you can see steven chip user click on wizard and They're, unhealthy us click on plug in program steven tv wizard So the result is gonna be installed to your kodi krypton To, enjoy watching movies After installing the cinema kodi build it looks really beautiful and amazing it works Well without, any problem it has a lot of problem, while streaming any Movie or any tv show It's better for you guys to use a vpn to be safe and to stream whatever you want So here guys, you got the steven tv wizard install it to your kodi so press anything you want to keep and Continue if you, want to keep clearing the cache on starting up your kodi selected and press on continue Here guys, click on build menu so click, ignore so here guys got7 builds for kodi krypton And you gotta you got five builds for code cody 18 for cody layer as you can See right here guys You got cinema bill as you can see you can install it for your cody 18 if you wished you if you're watching, me and you have cody 18 on xbox one get Cinema cody build for cody 18 version if you're watching, me and you have a first sick or nvidia shield or anything and you have cody craps on any version of cody craps on get The krypton cinema build for cody, crap-ton you have to you Have cinema max and you have the cinema bill get the cinema build version 95 Click on it So here guys got the fresh install and the standard installed the fresh install if you got a lot of problems in your kodi And you got a lot of messages about stream check the log for more informations or stream or? Streaming problems do a fresh install to get everything, new, and working, well on your cody crap, child Hey, guys got the stander is tall if you, don't have anything install adhere to your cody I'm gonna, do a fresh install i had a previous build, the majestic cody bill just revealed, yesterday you can Check, the video guys if you, want to get it on? cody, crapped on So hey guys It's gonna clear all my files and replace them, buying, new, ones? You can, subscribe to steve and tv it's a great, deal Great guy, doing a great builds for cody For working, well for cody community and stable ram kishan is channel If wanna, subscribe to this channel for sure so you, guys got the download process going i'm gonna Back after the download process is completed then we're gonna review together this great build and enjoy watching movies and tv shows on it So here guys, you got the download process done and now it's installing your files So, don't press right here in this empty space as you can See or press on cancel if you do that you will restart The download from zero and wait wait just be patient and Tell until everything is done right to avoid restoring and repeating doing things from zero so This is really great build the city market cody build is famous work? It works, well on any device and with a lot of content and great things one of my best builds for cody crichton So guys here we got? extracting files And here guys you got everything done right without, any problem so now first close your cody And restart it again to enjoy watching movies and tv shows tv shows on your amazon, fire stick or nvidia shell or any other device and So here guys after installing everything right under win everything right without, any problem you will get this great Amazing, home page so here guys, you got all the working kodi add-ons Right here you got everything Here all the best kiwi add-ons are working on this great bill incursion placenta legacy Epinephrine rising, joshua Steven tv mancave oculus and arenas all of them are working, well without any problem We can install any one of them if you don't have it and on your build and? You can get it manually and it works really great and working, well without any Problem you guys get movies as you can see in this great section you got all the work in movies for cody, crap-ton Sorry, guys, you got the widgets as you can, see right here you get avenged and fiddly war Here we got dirty dead come man so he got fifty shades fred you got black puncher You, got this pool tool So guys, you can, pick this great movie if you, want to watch it It's really amazing movie you can get it and watch it With your family or friends so here guys you got a lot of kodi add-ons You can

Pick any link you, want to You, guys get incursion if you, wanna pick the incursion or if you, want to pick any link you want Sorry, guys, you got the fuck the streaming streaming links to watch this great movie So here guys got the links you can, pick any one to watch this great movie So, yeah, guys, you got it working place wait, some seconds To get the stream on? If you have a faster internet for sure it will it will works with You without, any problem so here guys as you can see the movies running is working, well You can, keep watching it and enjoy, your time with your friends So you guys, let's stop, this and back Here we got the rest of movies you can? Pick anyone to watch it So it can be coco maze runner You can, pick anyone to watch and enjoy Here guys, you got tv shows in this section You got the same kodi add-ons on movies As you can see you get the same ones are working, well without any Problem you guys, you got the greatest tv shows right here And you can, pick any tv show You, want to watch as you can, see right here guys you got a lot of things so you got tv shows You can, watch anything you want So hey, guys, you got the 100 as you can see right here or you can back and pick another one they've got kody add-ons, and Here guys, you got the widgets you can Pick, any movie to watch it with your family and friends and to follow it you can Pick the machine you can pick walk in there The 100 or any tv show You want the flash 13 reason, why So you guys can, pick this great Tv show, so you got and get the episodes right here you can Pick anyone to watch it Just get this one who are only trying for you, guys just show You that it the working ones So here you can, pick any kodi add-on

Joshua Incursion or a nose or neptune rising or placenta or anyone to watch this great tv show So you guys got the links you can, pick anyone for sure to watch this great tv show 13 reasons, why i Can follow it and enjoy watching it with your friends or wife or girlfriend or family or anyone So it's on netflix So you guys, you got this great Tv show, running and working So get it enjoy it The guys, who get movies hub, so as you can, see right here, we got year's actors and seven countries? You got a lot of things on this gray section you got taken series taking 1 & 2 & 3 you Got a lot of movies right here you can get anyone to watch it so As you can see right you got favorites you got search you can search for any movie you, want right here so you guys got tv hop as you can see You got serious actors years and reason So you can, pick anyone to watch it and enjoy it you, guys got kids as you can see you got all the kids animations right here you got the i Love dogs you got coco, you got there – rabbit Got incredibles batman and ninja you got a lot of Kids section right here i love this one lion king It's old one, we all watch at this grade gates animation In our childhood it's really great you can put it for your kids to enjoy Time with them, and with your family for sure So you guys as you can see you can Pick any link right here to watch the lion king So you guys, you got it walking as you can see you can, keep watching it or just back so, that's it And here guys get music as you can see in this great section of music you can Pick any Anything you, want to listen to you got vivo So you can listen to any song you, want to and enjoy it here guys you Got live tv in this live tv guys you got some ip tvs a Simple pvl add-on They got 40 20 26 channels they got a lot of channels right here can watch any Any channels you, want so he goes you got tv channels So you guys got imc you got animal planet you got brave all you got fox news and fox So you got a lot of things you got tv quite right here it's a great tv quiet got discovery So here we got? you got the oregon live tv As you can see here So you got live net on a go live tv Got the commentary you got kids and us and uk channels And here guises can, see you got animal planet you got discovery discovery science You, got some of them some of these channels got it working Some of them are not as you can see right here it works This great build with a, live iptv it works, well so Here guys, you get add-ons And here you got all the working cody, adults and you, guys got wither and Here we got? settings and Here we got this? Movies zon as you can see got family Western war a lot of things so this is the cinema cody build Revealed for you guys to enjoy in your amazon first stick or a video or any other device if you enjoyed this great video Share it with your friends and family don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the facebook, group and facebook page Like, the video i'll leave me your feedback in the comment section thanks for your feedback and for your support guys and see you tomorrow For another cody bill same time, same place cody, best bill channel