Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another amazing video I wish you guys doing well having a great time with your family or at work or On holidays or doing whatever wherever you are This is gonna be us bill and I wish you a good luck in your life and happy time So guys don't forget first to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Don't forget also to visit my website that way you're gonna keep in touch with kodi and it will got all the notifications about Cody So guys today we're gonna install an amazing kodi build For kodi krypton the directs kodi build from the durex wizard is a great kodi 176 build working well Unstable for old version of kodi krypton

So if you if you want to get this bill Check the instructions with me here guys First go to settings as you can see right here click on it and then Check your system settings If you allow the announcer says from add-ons So you're right I love it You have it disallowed

Click on a low then click on Yes Press back here guys, click on file manager and Scroll down if you use to install builds on your kodi You'll got your files right here If you don't use to install builds and you are new and URL to the beginner You have only here profile directory and add source double click on add source then click on none and copy and paste the address right here as You can see right here guys Click OK and then click OK you can leave it wizard or you can name it wherever you want so with D means directs, press okay a new guys Press back and back to the homepage then scroll down Until you see add-ons as you can see right here guys, you got add-ons click on it and then please click on this little box right here in the top and click on install from zip file, so You guys you got the list choose Your file and click on login program Durricks wizard or if you want to install it from the repository So it works on kodi krypton anything 17 on kodi 176 build on Amazon fire sake or Nvidia shield or Android TV box or any other device you can get this great amazing cody build Install it without any problem I Heard guys, I installed the ripple as you can see right here You got the directs build ripple install it Open it Or just you can cancel and back from the beginning to show you guys click on this little box Click on install from repository Or click here on install from zip file and install the repository for For the directs Kodi bill as you can see click on it

So the repo is gonna be install it We got it right here We got the drakes build repo open it and click on program add-ons and Here guys got the directs wizard installing so cancel the download and Install it right here manually from the repository as you can see Here we got the durex wizard install it I showed you the two ways how to install the durex wizard in your kodi krypton So guys click on it on dismiss right here You can Ignore this and open it, manually if you want to or just you can go directly to your Builds menu click on continue Then here click on build menu So you guys you got the Derrick's bill for Cody crapped on you got six servers So as you can see right here guys, you got five servers You gotta just build So hey guys, click on any server you want I choose the server number one It's the direct build version eight It's really super fast, especially for fire TV and all things So if you have a previous build install it to your kodi And it got a lot of damn shit files and a lot of problems to your kodi Streaming or anything do a fresh install to get everything new on your kodi? So you guys get the standard install if you have? If you don't have anything by the way on your kodi and your kodi is You and you don't have anything install it yet Click on this standard install you guys I click on this fresh install I have a previous bill install it already so click on continue and Here guys you got this great I mean today amazing Bill is gonna be installed to your kodi here It's clearing all your files As you can see right here guys and After that the download process is gonna be going and running Don't press right here in this empty space or press on cancel if you do that you have to restart from 0 So that way you will lost close your time a lot of things So just be patient and wait until the whole process is done then force close Cody and restart it again To enjoy this amazing cody bill to your box So here guys the download process is going I'm gonna back after the download process is done Then we're gonna review together this great amazing cody bill So, hey guys you got download process done and Now it's installing your files as I say don't press here in this empty space or press cancel Just be patient until everything is done And then it asks you to first close Cody and restart it again to enjoy this great amazing Cody build So here guys you got everything done right without any problem now first close your Cody and restart it again Enjoy this great

Amazing Cody will install the cheer Amazon first stick or Nvidia shell or any other? device So guys after installing this amazing Cody bill you got this great homepage Directs Bill is one of the foley loaded cody bills It's really great and having a lot of things and Working well without any problem You guys got movies section in this movies section You got a lot of things You can't put your favorite stuff here Or just you can search for any movie you want to hear guys on movies section we got Here in the menu you got movies here guys in the soup menu You got all the working curry Add-ons, as you can see guys got a lot of things right here You got super favorites search on cheap ie search on placenta

You got the People watching and most popular and most voted You got a lot of things get box office a Kneel down you get all the working Kodi adults, you get all rhinos You got maverick you got star chick You got ducks bullocks universe oculus copy-and-paste Not sure I am absolutely I'm sky net you get supremacy You got a lot of things You will enjoy all your movies This bill is really fully loaded off content of enough builds Sorry of add-ons It will watch anything you want to You guys in the top right here? We got all the greatest movies

You can't pick any movie to watch it as you can see right here got spider-man homecoming or Whatever get did pull Get black puncher lots see black puncher the great movie shape peas and love with blood people And with all people around the world share peace and love and harmony Who are all the same guys you have to respect each other's? To love each others So here guys you got total You got four links? So you can pick any link you want Let's pick the popcorn direct link As you can see you guys get it working you got the black pant you can Watch it, and enjoy it with your friends or family or anyone So who guys got the movie working right here so you can keep watching on it and or cancel on back so hey guys, you got Movies section it's really full of things and movies You will enjoy your weekend with this great section Here guys, you got TV shows as you can see right here You got all the working curly add-ons You got flicks netacad Genesis reborns numbers judah Reptilia, you got great Arenas maverick you got a lot of things also You guys on the top you got all the greatest shows right now so here guys, you can pick any show to watch and To follow you got billions

You got fear The Walking Dead you got Supergirl We got 13 reasons Why? So pick any one To watch it You got the reason season 1 and this new season is the season to You guys got a lot of great things right here great episodes You can watch anyone and Any episode you want to? You got it right here

So here guys on placenta You will get the links for this amazing show So you guys got the links you can pick anyone to watch this great amazing TV show So here guys as you can see you get this great TV show working right here You can just stop it and back to the home page to see other TV shows So here guys you got the rest of the TV shows you got a lot of TV shows Amazing ones You can pick any one and watch it with your friends or family or anyone you Guys got a family section You can enjoy it with your kids and grab mother or father or whatever And enjoy this amazing section right here with your family and have some great time with your family guys Right here share respect and share peace and love with your family You guys got the TV shells or the shells? You can't pick anyone to watch it and enjoy it You got cocoa

You got a lot of things You guys got Direct TV here guys It's a paid section You can subscribe to Two DirecTV survives to get paid IPTV as you can see you got us you got you Got a lot of channels, but it's paid Stuff you can't put your username here if you have to subscribe a subscription So you guys got this paid IPTV right here as You can see four directs You got girls TV reloaded you got water stream You got a lot of things limitless player Club So you can subscribe to any service you want to? And here guys got the free TV as you can see you got still flash You got a I P TV bonanza You got ultra IPTV So, hey guys you got You got daily IPTV as you can see Got turkey and Arabs and friends or you can pick any one as you can see right here

You got this Channels are walking They are all on Green as you can see working well without any problem So here we got Turkish channels you got sports beans pours turkey You got Discovery Animal Planet You got a lot of things as you can see right here guys You can enjoy these channels if you're watching me from Turkey You can enjoy this great TV shows or the great IPTV Here guys, you got sports in this sports section You got a lot of things as you can see right here You can pick any section to watch it and enjoy it with your friends and family So you guys you can enjoy it right here? You guys get music you got mp3 streams You got radio You got a lot of things

You got a YouTube and VEVO So here in mp3 streams you can pick any album or Singer or artist you want to you got rock you got metal classical world jazz Anything you want so bridges or just fusion Hey guys you got You got artists and songs you can pick anyone to listen to it as you can see here So that's back to the homepage You got IP key as you can see get mod Pro you got your Adrian a lot of things right here So got system if you want to customize Anything you gotta got add-ons if wanna clear cache it got also tracked if you want to set up your track account or real debride account So guys this is the directs build for Cody crapped on if you loved this bill Put like on this video and leave me your feedback in the comments section Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and share the video with your friends share Please I love this is Cody best bill with you See you tomorrow for another Cody bill



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