Press the bell icon on the YouTube and never miss another lovely Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another video I wish you to win well having a great time agreed holidays Today is the final of the World Cup if you'll sleep or France or Croatia I wish them a good luck to both of them so first Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram Don't forget also to visit my website for more news about kodi if you missed any video, you will get all my community or My website or my videos section on the YouTube channel for sure So here to install this great bill today We're gonna install a 4k kodi build working really great and amazing on any device if you have amazon Farsi or Nvidia shield or PC or Mac or any device? You can run and get this great build on your Kodi krypton 17

6 so to install it go right here to settings and then Press on system settings and Check if you upload and down sources right here on add-ons as you can see press on it and then press yes and here press back and Then click on file manager as you can see So right here if your Kodi is new and you don't have anything install it to your jewelry You will get profile work 3 add source If you use to install builds and stuff or add-ons You will get your folders right here Double press on add source press none and copy and paste the address Be careful Just go pimp is the address to not miss any Word word So press ok Right here You can live with ripple Press ok, and then press back Back one more time to the homepage So right here we got add-ons click on it then press on this little box right here in the top click on install from zip file and Right here Choose your file, press on repo As you can see you will get repository Jesus box and you got the x1 wizard

So but both of them are Working so if you want to install the flicks Bourne shell wizard or x1 wizard So the x1 wizard is you showing you How many? Bytes you got and The seconds and the time showed you the details but with flicks burn only Loading the download and standing file the won't show you time or anything So as you can see right here get the x1 wizard install it press on continue Right here, press on the build menu As you can see you got 4k colors light for kodi 18 if you want to get it for kodi 18 You can get it right here as you can see we got a light for Colors cody bill and you got a fully loaded kodi build for kodi 18 as you can see right here So we can get anyone on your MA and your Xbox one So right down you got 4k colors for kodi krypton oppress on it Version 13 So right here we got the fresh install and the standard install the fresh install you use it when you have a Previous bill and you got you got a lot of damn shit files You got a lot of problems you get a lot of streaming problems and missing folders and your Kodi to fix that do a fresh install if Your Kodi is new You don't have anything install it here to your kodi crap-ton Click on the standard install to get everything new So I have a previous build already I'm gonna do a fresh install press on continue So right here as you can see x1 Wizard gonna clear all your files and replace them by new ones So as you can see, you got it right here

Everything is done and Now it's gonna download the 4k colors Kodi build So as I told you you get this Pop-up right here We got the size You got speed you got time So that's it You know how many times? still For you to download this great build so do not press right here in this empty space or press on cancel if you do that you have to Restart everything from zero Just be patient and wait Hold on Until the download process is done Then you can reveal this great build and your Amazon first stick or any other device So right here my dear friends you got the download process done and Now it's installing your files as you can see do not press right here in this empty space Or press on castle if you do that

You have to restart the download process from zero So just be patient and hold on and wait until everything is done, right? without any problem and then first clothes Cody and run it again to enjoy this great build and watch movies and TV shells and You got sports section also get section So here it's done As you can see you got first clothes So press on first clothes if you have Amazon first Sikh or Nvidia shield or any device Press on first clothes and research Cody again Enjoy this great amazing code evil It's working Well, by the way on all devices if you have Xbox one you can get 4k Kodi bills version for Xbox one So this version is working on Cody Krypton without any problem now Press on first close and restart where Cody again and Here my dear friends after installed in this great bill You will get this amazing homepage So right here, I got the snow falling down And here got movies you had movies section So right here, we got all the popular Movies right now as you can see you got a huge library of movies You can pick any movie Any movie you want to watch? Just click on it If you want to watch the Jurassic Park or any movie So right here we got flicks net Cody arrow is extracting and finding your links to Watch this movie on your Amazon first Sikh or Nvidia shield or any other box So as you can see right here my dear friends you got the links You can pick anyone to watch this great movie As you can see you got a lot of Streaming link

So if you want to peer your device with open load or just press on cancel to get a free link So right here we got the rest of movies you can pick any one to get it and enjoy it right down you got also Greatest TV shelves or greatest Kodi add-ons as you can see got a lot of them Right here we got TV shows and this TV show 6 section You got all the working TV shows and most popular right now So As you can see you can watch any TV show you wanted so you got westward got right here the season 1 and season 2 So we got a lot of episodes Chapters pressed on any chapter to watch it with your friends family and anyone So also here we got Game of Thrones if you use to watch this great TV show Here got the last season is the season 7 and here we got the chapters So right here we got 4k movies in this 4k movies section You got the great movies and you got 4k movies is tri HD if you don't have a fast internet You won't be able to watch movies right here in this section So we got a lot of movies so Just pick any one and watch it Right here We got man cave as you can see you got some action stuff right here Get some action things from flick snap Cody Adam So right here we got her place you got romance as You can see you can enjoy your time with your wife friends girlfriend or any one So right here got kids as you can see in this kid section you got a lot of Movies for your kids to enjoy watching any Movie you want it? You got a lot of great things right here So Have a happy life and happy moments watching kids stuff Why here got paid? TV or paid IPTV from the Jesus box IPTV if you have a subscription you can access to your account right here and Here we got system settings if you want to do some change on this skin as you can see So right here we got programs you get old programs all Kodi programs right here on video add-ons music add-ons Anything right here? So you got power you can power off system or repo? So right here we got Favourites, you can place all your favorites right here Your ad TV shows or add anything you want? So right here we got some local news and here we got the the x1 wizard as you can see if you wanna clean this Kodi bill or If you want to go to builds and see So right here we got clicks as you can connect or access to your plex account, so press on Plex and Then you get pulled your details as you can see right here Sign in and put your flex account details and watch your stuff on Plex if you have music TV shows or anything So right here we got all sections and back to the first section of movies as you can see you got a lot of movies Just try any movie You want to watch? I don't have enough time to try all of them only choose some Popular movies to show you that is working Well without any problem So right here we got the links Press on any link and you will get the movie work and save well without any problem as you can see right here, so Just press on cancel So this is the 4k Kodi bill Reviewed for you guys to install it and have a lot of if you have a lot of questions Put it down in the comment section

I'm gonna reply you with the help and Give you the solution and thanks for watching me and don't forget to like the video and share it with your friends and family Share it on Twitter Facebook all the social media links Thanks for your time See you tomorrow for another Kodi build